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Smart Classroom Listings - A listing of equipment and rooms for staff and faculty can determine which classrooms to utilize without having to request equipment.

Video Instructions on use of Smart Classroom Equipment

Equipment Request

The form to request equipment is available online. Open the file, complete the required information, submit, and the request will be emailed directly to Audio Visual Department. This for special events and one time needs only. Delivers for classrooms are no longer necessary since the majority of the campus has Technology Enhanced Classrooms.

Basic standards for AV Procurement. Please be aware that these are not all inclusive because every location has unique circumstances but all newly remodeled facilities are designed to these standards.

Please email Don and John for one time requests - we no longer can provide daily delivers. Thank you for patience.

Contacts For Audio/Visual Equipment

  • Michael Seaton , Supervisor                    723-6992
  • Don Fuller, AV Services Specialist          723-7225
  • John Sims, AV Services Specialist          723-6757
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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 10/9/2014