Note: If you are a Counselor – Please Check Back at this Page for a “Counselor’s Toolkit” Currently Under Development by the Chabot Area Counselor’s Collaborative (CACC)

 The Role of Counselors in Career Pathways at Chabot College

In collaboration with High School Counselors, Chabot Counselors help direct and enroll current and entering high school students into Career Pathways at Chabot College by:

  • Communicating the different educational options students have (Transfer opportunities, Certificate programs/Pathways and Associate Degree opportunities).
  • Communicating the benefits of taking high school classes for college credit.
  • Supporting students in the online Chabot College Application process for admissions and assist with Concurrent Enrollment forms.
  • Guiding students to complete pre-requirements for Chabot admission.
  • Providing information on how to apply for college fee waivers, i.e. Board of Governor’s Waiver (BOG), for eligible students.
  • Encouraging students to continue higher education and their career goals past high school.
  • Accessing financial and other resources to support student success in education beyond high school.
  • Learn more about Counseling at Chabot College.