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Tutors - Fall 2012


COMM Courses Taken: 1, 2a, 5, 6 & 10

COMM Course in Progress: 11

“I became a tutor to give back to the community and students of Chabot College. My philosophy is to keep trying until you succeed. When students visit the Lab I can give them helpful feedback and show them the tools they need to be successful.”


COMM Courses Taken: 1 & 10

COMM Courses in Progress: 11 & 46

“I became a tutor to help others and to further my own skills in the process. I can help students who visit the Lab feel comfortable and attack their assignments.”


COMM Course Taken: 1, 6 & 46

“I became a tutor because I like helping others and to see people overcome their fear of public speaking. I believe that if you never receive help you will never know what you can improve on. And communication is a very important skill to learn in life; work, relationships, and much more. I can help students with their speeches and by easing the anxiety of public speaking.


COMM Course Taken: 1, 10 & 46

“I became a tutor to develop my teaching skills. I believe all of us are capable of accomplishing goals if we are passionate enough to do so. When students visit the Lab I can help them research and relax before their assignment.”

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