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PC and Apple Support

PC Support

All computers must comply with the hardware and software guidelines as a minimum. This is to ensure maximum interoperability and repairability. All Windows machine must be able to run Windows 7 at a minimum.

Chabot Computer Support is will soon be certified by HP for repairs of campus owned machines.

Backing up of your data is a vital part of maintaining a reliable and safe computing environment. Backing up your data on the Chabot College H - Drive will ensure that a tape is made of your data. See the following site for how to do this tasks.

Instructions For Copying Files to Your H: Drive


If your system seems slow or erratic please perform fix permissions from the disk utilities console on your system.

Please note that any purchases of Macintosh's will most likely result in your software being unusable. The new Intel based platform does not support the older software configurations due to a massive change in the operating system language.

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