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Wireless Guidelines

Map of Current wireless locations (items in blue have wireless)

These guidelines are taken from the draft "Wireless Policy For the Chabot/Las Positas Community College District".

I. The purpose of this document is to provide standards, policies and procedures for the installation, operation and security of wireless network hardware.

II. Definitions:

A. Wireless Network Hardware: Any equipment designed to provide access to the CLPCCD data network through a wireless pathway for any purpose.

B. Domain: Any sub-net or group of sub-nets that are created to operate in the two major network domains maintained by the CLPCCD, Administrative and Faculty/Instructional.

III. Policy:

A. The CLPCCD recognizes that there will situations that require other then traditional hard-wired network connections to its data network. The use of wireless technology may be required to meet the mission needs. These situation may include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Lack of adequate cable raceways.
  2. Cost effectiveness.
  3. Portability.
  4. Remote devise management.
  5. Student access and research.

B. Prior to any Wireless access hardware being purchased, installed or placed in operation the procedure outlined in Paragraph IV. below will be followed without exception.

C. Standards: Only Wireless hardware that complies with the standards set forth in paragraph V. below will be purchased, connected and placed into operation on the CLPCCD data network.

IV. Procedures:

A. Authorization: Request for the use of a Wireless Access Point will be submitted in writing to the Vice President of Administrative Services at the respective college for coordination with the District Chief Technical Officer or their designated representative. The request will include the following information as a minimum:

  1. The make, model and technical specifications of the equipment.
  2. The area and time period(s) of the working day it is required to be in operation
  3. The purpose for which it will be used ( How many computers, printers or other peripheral devise will be networked etc.).
  4. Justification for its use.
  5. What sites and devises will need to be accessed over the network.
  6. How the purchase of the equipment will be funded.

Wireless Access Request.pdf

B. Security:

  1. All wireless access points will be assigned to a special sub-net designed for that purpose. The sub-net will set up in accordance with the guidelines set forth below. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Four classes of service will be authorized to be connected to the District LAN, below are the the minimum requirements for each class.

OPEN: This class is designed for use by personal computers and devices not controlled by CLPCCD in an open environment. Usage is limited to the Internet, during normal hours of operation by CLPCCD students/faculty/staff.

The port that the access point connects to should be disabled during hours of non-operation.

INSTRUCTIONAL: This class is for instructional purposes and may connect to other instructional and faculty subnets. Access points should not broadcast their SSID’s and should be disconnected when not in use. Other restrictions may be added as required.

ADMIN: This class is for use on listed the administrative subnets. SSID broadcasts will be disabled, MAC filtering and WEP Security should be used. As new security protocols become standardized they may replace or be added to those already.

RESTRICTED: This class will be for special restricted usage. SSID broadcasts will be disabled, MAC filtering and WEP Security should also be used. VPN may also be required. As new security protocols become standardized they may replace or be added to those already listed.

V. Equipment Standards:

Cisco AirPort 1131 is the minimum standard for wireless devices.

VI. Please address all questions and comments concerning this document to Michael Seaton, ext 6992.

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