Fall 2021 Classes

Dear Students,

We hope you are doing well and staying safe. Online learning will continue at Chabot College in Fall 2021, and more hybrid and in-person classes are available too.

As a registered student, please revisit your selected sections in CLASS-Web for important information on how your class has transitioned to the Online College. Please read the information below.

Many of our classes are a mixture of virtual content and instruction that happens at planned times via ConferZoom, an online meeting platform, available in Canvas. A few courses have a component that will meet on campus. To plan accordingly, you are encouraged to read the "Section Text" found on the online class schedule within CLASS-Web. See instructions below.

Access your class information:

  1. Go to CLASS-Web
  2. Select Term - "Fall 2021"
  3. Search "Subject" and "Campus" to find your class
  4. One you have found your class, please read the notes found under "Section T Text"

Important terms to note:

  • Synchronous Instruction: Some instructors are choosing to meet live online as a full class at the time the course was originally scheduled. Or, they may choose to meet online one of the days the course was scheduled and will have the remainder of the work for you to do online during your own time (see asynchronous description below).
    The days and times the class will meet live online will be listed in the schedule." Read the "Section Text" for further explanation.

  • Asynchronous Instruction: Many virtual courses will not require students to attend live sessions. Students have the flexibility to move through the weekly course content by the established deadlines in the syllabus. These sections will not have times and days listed.

  • Hybrid Instruction: A few courses still have a component that will be taught on our campus following physical distancing and Alameda Public Health & Safety Guidelines. Section notes for these classes should be read carefully for all instructions.

If you registered for a section meeting in-person, important safety guidelines will be sent before instruction begins.

You are encouraged to contact your instructor if you have any questions. Instructor contact information may be found on Chabot College's Faculty & Staff Directory, along with contact information for many other individuals at Chabot College who are available to help you as needed.

Be prepared for online learning. Before you start your online class, you may wish to visit this helpful resource: Preparing for Online Learning.

Count on us for support! During the Fall, many of our academic and student support services are available online.


Despite these challenging times, we encourage you to stay connected. We are here to help!

Thank you for choosing Chabot College!


Dr. Stacy Thompson
Vice President, Academic Services

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