Safety Guidelines

What We're Doing

Properly fitted, 3-layer or better Face Coverings: Required at all times while inside campus facilities, and outside in crowds.

Building Entrances and Exits. Signs will be posted on building doors and hallways.

Instructors will provide directions and safety materials for each class based on county health guidelines including:

  • Symptom screening and self-assessments for potential exposure before entry;
  • Physical distancing seating and walk areas;
  • Equipment use; and
  • Sanitization processes 

Restrooms: Wear face coverings at all times, keep social distancing and wash hands.

Bookstore: Check bookstore website for store hours and online purchases.

Parking Lots: Open for enrolled students with parking permits

What You Can Do

Stay home when you are

  • Feeling sick, feverish or have other symptoms; or,
  • Exposed to someone with symptoms; or,
  • Have tested positive for COVID-19.

Keep Social Distancing at all times while on campus

Wash your hands frequently, before and after each class

Bring hand sanitizer and additional face coverings


Contact the Office of the Vice President, Student Services Office 510.723.6743


What is the Face Covering and Safety Compliance Protocol?

When responding to non-compliance of campus safety measures, the procedures are as follows:

  1. Employee or student contacts Administrator on Duty at 510.460.5875 to report incident of individual not wearing face covering after being asked politely to wear one. Face coverings provided by Instructor or Campus Safety Office.
  2. Administrator on Duty responds to area to communicate expectation and provide needed Personal Protective Equipment (e.g. face covering).
  3. Administrator on Duty uses de-escalation language to ask individual for cooperation in light of the potential spread of the virus to others
    • If the individual is not a college student, employee or contractor, the Administrator on Duty will contact Campus Safety for assistance as needed.
  4. If an individual student in a class still refuses to wear a face covering, Administrator on Duty would then ask the rest of the class to leave the room or area and cancel the remainder of the in-person class meeting that day.
  5. Administrator would obtain name and W# of non-compliant individual to report to VPSS for follow up investigation, due process and appropriate discipline sanctions and/or other support services as required. 

Campus Safety would serve as back-up to the Administrator as needed and may be reached at (510) 723-6923.

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