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English/Math Assessment Exemption

You are exempted from having to take the English and/or Math Assessment:

  1. If you have taken an AP English and/or Calculus Test and scored a 3 or better (a copy of the test results required); and/or
  2. If you have completed (grade "C" or higher) a college-level English and/or mathematics course(s) (transcripts required); and/or
  3. If you have scored a "Standard Exceeded" on the EAP Math and/or English test, you are exempt from taking the Math and/or English Assessment test (EAP score required).
    If you did not mark the "bubble" to release your score to the community colleges, you will have to provide your EAP score to your counselor.

Please bring a copy of your AP test results, EAP score and/or transcript(s) to a counselor in Counseling Services to determine your English and/or Math placement.