Continuing Students From Another College

Students coming to Chabot College from another college:

  1. Apply online to Chabot College
  2. Complete Online Orientation

If you have completed transfer level math and/or English course work, please see a counselor to have your transcripts evaluated for course placement.

If you have not completed transfer level math or English coursework please see instructions below.

AB705 and Access to First-Level Transfer Classes at Chabot College

Starting in Summer/Fall 2019: AB705 is a law that allows California Community College students access to first-level transferable English and Math courses, even if they have already been placed via an assessment test into college-preparatory courses.

Sign on to your student account in ClassWeb (worksheet) to complete the English Informed Course Selection (worksheet) and the Math Guided Self-Placement (worksheet) tools to “unlock” all first-level transfer courses:

  • English 1
  • Math 41, 43, 47, 31, 33, 36, 37, PSY 5, BUS 19

Don't hesitate to contact the Assessment Center at or zoom-in with us for assistance.