New, First Time College Student

Please follow these steps: 


Before moving to the next step, be sure to have completed Steps 1-4 from the New, First Time College Student webpage.

STEP 5: Complete the English Informed Course Selection (worksheet) and Math Guided Self-Placement (worksheet) questionnaires in ClassWeb (worksheet) in order to determine your starting English and Math courses.

AB705 and Access to First-Level Transfer Classes at Chabot College

AB705 is a law that allows California Community College students access to first-level transferable English and Math courses, even if they have already been placed via an assessment test into college-preparatory courses.

What does this mean at Chabot College?

You have the opportunity to either take a college-preparatory course OR to self-place into transfer-level English and/or Math even if you previously received one of the college preparatory placements listed below through taking the Accuplacer exam:

    • English 101A or 102;
    • Math 104, 65, 53 or 55

STEP 6: Plan your classes for your First Semester with the help of a counselor

Please note: All First Semester Planning appointments for Fall 2021 have filled. Please meet with a counselor via Online Drop-in for assistance with your class schedule.

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