2022 SOAR Days Early Reg Events

Planning for SOAR Early Registration Days: Review the following options to get support in registering for Summer/Fall 2022 classes. Including Learning Communities Registration date, SOAR Saturday, Cyber Monday, or instructions to register on your own.

To participate in Early reg days you must have completed the following steps:

  • Chabot Application
  • Online Orientation
  • Math + English Self Placement
  • First Semester Planning Session
  • Upload Vaccine Information (for in-person classes/services)

If you need help completing any of these steps, connect with our Peer Guides.


Learning Communities

Attend this registration if you applied for one of these Learning Communities or if you are interested in joining. Learn more about learning communities and apply.

April 27


Change It Now (CIN!)

Drop into Zoom Meeting ID: 965 5437 7497 or use Zoom link

Drop into Zoom Meeting ID: 965 5437 7497 or use Zoom link

Drop into Zoom Meeting ID: 970 958 2801 or use Zoom link

Drop into Zoom Meeting ID: 836 7056 0684
Passcode: BCRC2020
or use Zoom Link

Drop into Zoom Meeting ID: 96034912600 Or use Zoom link

Drop into Zoom Meeting ID: 950 0917 5219 ; Password: 562972
Or use Zoom link

Zoom link

Learning community staff will be available this day to assist you with registering.


SOAR Saturday

April 30

On-campus registration day if you are looking for in-person support.
ID & Vaccination Required
Join Us For:
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Counselor Connections
  • Learning Community Representatives
  • Financial Aid Support
  • Connect with Peer Guides

Cyber Monday

May 2

Attend this registration if you are looking for online registration support from Chabot staff.

General Zoom Info
Drop into Zoom Meeting ID: 96034912600, Or use Zoom link

Zoom link

OR, Register On Your Own

See the Steps to Register on your own