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How to Request Blackboard Course Sites

(Developing a course? Need a developmental site? Click here to request developmental course sites.)

Step 1:   Log into CLASS-WebForgot username/password?


  screenshot to sign in to class web
Step 2:   Click Menu for Faculty, Staff & Advisors.


  screenshot of class web menu for faculty
Step 3:   Scroll down to the end of the page and click on Blackboard Course Site Request.


  screenshot of Blackboard course site request
Step 4:   Choose the appropriate semester and campus and click Submit Query.


  screenshot of select term and campus
Step 5:  

All of the courses that you are scheduled to teach should appear. Check the boxes for those you want setup in Bb and then select Request. You will see a list of the courses you requested. You can expect to see your sites in Bb within 24 hours.

  screenshot of courses to select

After you click on the "Request" button, you will see the following note: Your request has been submitted. Once your college's Blackboard administrator approves your request, the course(s) will be available to you in Blackboard. If you don't want to see the course(s) in Blackboard until the new semester nears, you can hide the course by clicking the pencil icon at the top of My Courses in Blackboard. Just remember to display it again prior to the first day of classes.

Important notes:

1. This process applies to all instructors - those who teach online and hybrid courses, as well as those who use Bb to enhance their face-to-face courses.

2. After you submit your requests, the Blackboard Administrator on duty will approve them (usually within 24 hours), and your courses will be available in Bb a couple of hours later. If you don't want to see the courses so early in Bb before the next semester begins, you can click the pencil icon above your course list on the My Institution and/or Courses page to hide the courses from your view.

3. If you need to merge courses or sections into one Bb shell, use the drop-down lists at the right on the Blackboard Course Site Request page in Class Web. For developmental sites / special requests, Click on request a developmental site / special requests.

4. You can begin copying content into your new sites whenever you want. If you are still adding content in your current courses, you might want to wait until the end of the semester. Here are the copying instructions.

5. If you have already requested all of your future-term sites, you don't need to request them again. Be sure to login to Blackboard to verify that they are setup.

6. There is no deadline to request your sites, but obviously, you'll want to do this prior to the beginning of the next semester.

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