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11/19 Greg Horne A revised Campus Map is available, as well as the link to District Site for the updated proposal for Phase 1 signs (in parking lots and waypoints, not within buildings or on buildings themselves).

Scott Hildreth has reached out to the prior subcommittee solicit review for December-January in advance of expected notice to proceed.
10/31 Scott Hildreth

1) What do we need to do?

We need to provide the rest of the Facilities & Sustainability Committee our recommendations about “big concepts”, including:

  • Whether buildings should be referenced on signs and maps simply as numbers (eg. 1700) or with disciplines often taught within the building (eg. 1700- Math).
  • Whether maps and signs should have certain words/buildings/areas in Spanish, and if so, what maps and signs, and what words?
  • Whether additional types of signs are needed, and where they might needed.

 We do not as yet have to get down to the specifics of exactly what words need to be on each sign – but that will be a task we’ll need to accomplish with the working drawings once a contract is finalized with a vendor.

 2) By when does our work need to be completed?

 If possible, we could get our recommendations to the Committee and the President by year end, so that the bid documents could be issued in early 2014, bids received and evaluated in spring, and a final award by the Board could occur in late Spring 2014. This might enable signs to be created and installed during Summer 2014, and we could begin the next academic year (2014-2015) with some of the new signs in place.

We will need to have a team of reviewers in place for the specific wording on ALL signs, ready to take a look at the working drawings from whatever contractor is hired, before manufacture of the signs can begin. We’ll need lots of eyes on this part of the project, with lots of folks owning different signs, and areas.

 3) What ideas were shared?

a) How to identify buildings. We discussed the question of whether some buildings should be identified by typical use (eg. Math), vs. leaving them generically identified by number alone. Using numbers allows us to schedule different classes in the same building flexibly, and may be more inclusive for disciplines across the campus. Rather than holding Business classes in a Math building, we hold Business and Math classes in 1700.

 But we also recognized that some buildings will always have specific uses, and could be so named on signs and maps (eg. Student Services in building 700, the Performing Arts Center, Athletics facilities, Instructional Offices in building 400). And some buildings/areas are the most likely to be destinations for visiting members of the community who aren’t familiar with Chabot, and who arrive at the College with no prior conception of where buildings and functions might be.

Action – please weigh in on this issue; send your thoughts by email to the team.

Do you support having some instructional buildings be identified by number alone on maps/signs, while others will have their name/use listed? If so, what buildings/areas would you suggest we do list by name/use, in addition to these:

  • Student Services (or perhaps Student Services/Registration)
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Athletics Facilities (perhaps these need to be identified in some signs by specific function, like Men’s locker room, Pool, Strength & Fitness Center, Football Field, Baseball Field, etc.)
  • Children’s Day Care Center
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Library (or perhaps for the new 100 building, Library/Learning Resource Center)

 b) We also talked about the need for bilingual signs. On thought was that if most instructional buildings are identified by number alone, this will reduce the need for translation on signs. And the “commonly searched for” buildings and areas above could also become the list that would appear in Spanish on the maps themselves:

Student Services / Servicios Estudiantiles

Another thought was that signs/maps could have a phone number for help, and a suggestion to visit the campus website, for assistance in other languages.

“Si necesita ayuda, llamar 510-723-6600…”

 Action – please weigh in on this issue, and suggest any other ideas you might have about how we might go about supporting visitors who speak other languages with our new signs/maps.

c) We talked about using the signage project to fix current problems with existing signs, including

  • -old, faded signs, like the Parking lot entrance sign on Depot road that is faded and weathered.
  •  removal of small bronze cast plaque signs still on many buildings, that identify uses/disciplines long since changed (eg Building 1800 – Chemistry & Computer Science)
  • removal of white transom decals above windows on many buildings

d) We talked about how we might help people coming to Chabot for the first time to find a convenient parking lot close to a desired building location. Some other colleges (eg. College of San Mateo) have such signs, helping people find their way as they head into the campus.

Example: near building 700S, drivers could see a new sign that says, Parking Lots G & H with an arrow for straight ahead, and even “Exit to Hesperian Blvd.” with a an arrow to the left.

Along these lines was the idea that some key areas (again, including Student Services, the PAC, and Athletics) might be well-served with those named areas on signs near to the parking lot entrances.

And we talked about adding some signs on Hesperian and Depot roads, on Chabot College property, at the very edge of the campus (southbound on Hesperian before the first main entrance to the parking lot, at the intersection of Hesperian and Turner, and along Depot at the corner near Ochoa Middle School.

10/24 Kari McAllister

Small sign posted under each Handicap Parking sign “ Parking Permit Required”

Signs at each pathway from main lot: “ No smoking beyond this point”, “No Skateboarding”, “No Bicycle riding”. We probably have to post “No Guns” ??

Add to above: specific close buildings – “Performing Arts Center/Stage One”, “Administration”, “P.E.”, etc..

QR Codes on each sign so they can just click and get the campus map… Poof!

No Smoking beyond this point

No Skateboarding

No Bicycle Riding

No Guns

Click QR for campus map


10/10 Facilities Committee Attendees at 10/10 meeting in 1806 Is there not going to be a better time to connect buildings with their numbers more logically?  It will always be difficult given the current existing infrastructure, but if not now, when?

Can we link the signs to Google Maps?

As an HSI, should signs be in Spanish?  How many?  Do all need to be in Spanish, or just a few?  What about other languages?  Perhaps the MAP needs to have a different language, but not every individual sign?

Could we put a larger sign on the Theater/PAC - which is visible from a great distance?  Certainly we need a sign to the theater from the main entrance.

The initial signs cannot be a laundry list, but must point to nearby buildings or to the nearest map.

Do we need a larger MAP sign that points to the map - larger than the standard 5' model shown?

We need key areas most often visited (Athletics, Library, PAC) as "generic" categories clearly displayed in multiple places.

College of Merced has signs from the street that say, "TURN HERE FOR....." or "THIS WAY TO ...."  Could we do the same on the streets leading to Chabot?

What about signs INSIDE buildings?  Will that be part of the scope of the project?    Some are too high to be useful now. 

updated 10/25
Janice Golojuch

Building 900 has three entry doors, located on the East, West, and North sides.

The outside entry signs should say Architecture, Art Gallery 900, Digital Media, Drawing, Interior Design, and Photography.

10/7 Dmitriy Kalyagin

Of course, all buildings must have clear numbers displayed. Those buildings that are either shared by everyone or used exclusively by a specific discipline or discipline cluster should have clear signage, such as Administration, Library, Dental Clinic, Student Services, Planetarium, Science and Chemistry, Admissions and records, Counseling, etc.

However, those buildings that are shared by various disciplines and have general use classrooms (such as 300, 500, 800, 1600, etc.) should simply have the building number and some general description (North Hall, South Hall - see the example below from CSM). Those building should absolutely avoid being labeled with any specific area/discipline/division. Otherwise, it will create confusion as many different subjects are scheduled in each building. Also, this will create unnecessary “turfs” among departments and divisions: no discipline has exclusive rights for any classroom building. That leads to larger disciplines being much more visible on campus than smaller disciplines. Another potential problem is in the future. As disciplines change names, move from one division to another, disappear, appear, we will be left with some obscure descriptions that are no longer valid. Our current names for buildings 1500 and 1600 are illustrations of that.

I am currently taking classes at the College of San Mateo and that is how it is done there. So San Mateo names their multiuse buildings simply South Hall, West Hall, etc. Those are neutral names yet are easy to identify for students. This would be most appropriate for our general classroom use buildings such as 300, 500, 800, 1600, etc.

10/7 JoAnn Galliano

1. On all signs where Building 2200 is listed, it should read Dental Hygiene Clinic/Health Sciences. As I said in my previous email, we serve over 1500 members of the community in the clinic-many of whom are students. In my opinion, the Dental Hygiene Clinic (which occupies the full first floor) needs to be identified first. Furthermore, the upstairs classroom are used for more classes than just the Health Sciences.

2. The Dental Hygiene Clinic needs signage at the entrance to the building which is not on the main court. We have asked to have a sign specifically indicating that the dental hygiene clinic is RM 2203. I would still like to know if additional signage can be purchased by programs like ours that need a sign just for their facility. We would like to keep it uniform with other signage.

3. Sign M1 and M2 have the Dental Hygiene Clinic in the wrong building. It is listed in Building 2100 instead of Building 2200.

4. Sign B18 Side B-Please include the Dental Hygiene Clinic. Many patients park in Lot E and are lost trying to find us...

5.Sign B2 Side B- Add the Dental Hygiene Clinic-this is the most used parking lot for our patients along with Parking lot B.

6. Sign B25 Side A-Would it be possible to add after Dental Hygiene Clinic the following: Entrance is at the rear of the Building. Again, since patients cannot access the clinic from the center court walkway, we need some signage that tells them to enter through the rear of the building if they are on the center court walkway.

7. Sign B26 Side B-Add Dental Hygiene Clinic Building 2200

8. Sign B27 Side A/B-Add Dental Hygiene Clinic Building 2200

9. Sign B32-Would be nice to add "Main Campus" with an arrow on this sign as well for those who park in Parking Lot J

10. Sign B9 Side B-Add Dental Hygiene Clinic Building 2200

Having adequate signage for the DH Clinic will greatly reduce the confusion that the community and students face when trying to find the clinic for their appointments. We have at least 1-2 patients per day that are late because they got lost on campus. The students have only so much time to get treatment done, so having patients come late because they are lost is a huge barrier for them.

10/1 JoAnn Galliano

The sign for "Dental Health" is NOT what we need..We need a sign to indicate to patients where the Dental Hygiene Clinic" is located..Placement is also wrong as it is designated to be placed on the center quad-patients cannot enter the clinic from the center quad. It needs to be at the west entrance...

Also, the Healthcare center is on the sign slated to be at the entrance to the college...Why not the Dental Hygiene Clinic? We serve 1500 community members per year, and they need to know where we are located :)

Yvonne Wu Craig As Chabot College is an HSI, should we be thinking about signage in Spanish?



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