Chabot College Campus Signage Project

Current Building Images & Signage Needs

                                (Last updated: 10/3/14 - sh)

Campus Building #s - Summary of Needs - 10/1/14 - sh

Campus Building #s - Sketches


Summary of Needs

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  1. Examples of Current Waypoint Signs that work
  2. Can sign lettering be easily updated?
  3. Assessment Ctr. (LOCATION ON MAP?)
  4. Building 700 waypoint sign
700 waypoint sign700 replacement sign lettering?assessment700 signage that works
Parking Lots needs more direction
Parking Lot

Parking Lot G (Southern side of campus along Depot)

  1. Need signs to replace those on fence heading towards PAC/Child Center
  2. Need waypoint map heading towards 3700 Child Care Center and PAC and Backstage
  3. Depot Road Monument (in Cement) looks old; needs cleaning or replacement.
  4. Map needed at entrance to campus Child Care Center near side of Parking Lot E
  5. Welcome sign can be replaced near Parking Lot E; Theater Sign on Map?
  6. Entrance to 1400/3500 alley needs sign
South Depot Parking Lot near ECDtowards 3700Depot Road MonumentMonument facing NEDepot Parking Lot E
Maps at end of Parking Lot EParking Lot E sign - lost in trees.  Put closer on walkway?Parking Lot E signWelcome
Parking Lot at 1400/3500 entranceentrance to 1400/3500
Parking Lot D

Faculty Lot access towards Chem/Physics/Math/2000/Bio

  1. Need sign/map on the way from Lot D towards 3900, 1800, 2000
3900/1800 corner
Parking Lot C

Faculty Lot access towards Athletics, M&O, Bio, 2300, DSRC, Bookstore

  1. Need map at main intersection and waypoint signs.
towards M and OParking Lot Ctowards campus from 2800 parking C
  1. Main entrance sing needed direction students to either direction.  Note THEATER sign - CAMPUS MAP Destination?
  2. Remove bronze plaque and transom lettering
Main sign on 100Bldg 100 side entrance from 300
  1. Main entrance needs sign, map, and building 200 needs numbers on that building facing the entrance
200 from main entrance200 from main parking
  1. Remove bronze plaque and transom lettering
  2. Label building from parking lot direction
300300I don't know
  1. Need waypoint sign pointing to IOB/400 from central campus courtyard/Library/100
  2. Need Building #s facing Library
  3. Need sign from 700 along walkway to 400
  4. Need #s on building as seen from 400
  5. Need numbers on building as seen from old bus circle/campus entrance
  6. Need numbers on Hesperian side entrances (2)
on the way to IOB400 paper sign400 without numbers approaching from 700400 from 700 without #s
400 unmarked400 numbers not visibleIOB from main entrance nothing on 400 facing main entrance
400 paper signs400 from Hesperian Sidenothing on buliding on hesperian side
  1. Remove plaque and transom lettering on main door facing courtyard
  2. Add larger numbers on side of building facing main entrance (past 200)
  3. Need better signage on side of 500 facing IOB walkway.  Remove transom stencil and plaque.
  4. Need numbers on 500 facing IOB
  5. Need numbers facing 700
500 with high number500 from walkway past IOB500 numbers needed

Student Services/Community Education

  1. Building # heading from campus courtyard towards student services to replace paper on wall.
  2.   Number on connector to 700s
  3. Number on 700S from traffic circle
700 facing campus700700700 east


  1. Approaching 800 from parking lot needs # on building side
  2. Approaching from parking lot along walkway needs sign
  3. Removal of bronze plaque/transom stencil
  4. Single number from courtyard not prominent when coming up arcade.
800 not numberedapproaching 900 800700800 frou courtyard


  1. Removal of bronze plaque/transom stencil


900 towards courtyard

Art Studios

  1. Art Gallery nicely named - LOCATION ON MAP
  2. Old plastic sign between 1000 and 1100 facing NW should be replaced with building # - it is far down a long building
  3. Approaching from parking lot between 1000 and 1100 you can't see signs or numbers
  4. Parking lot view of 1000 has no numbers
1000 art gallery facing SEBuilding 1000 studio sign facing NNWVisual Arts tower from parking lot900 from parking lotparking lot view of 1000
  1. Remove transom stencil
  2. Remove bronze plaque on door facing 1000
1100 faculty office transom stencil1100 Office building from 1000
  1. Numbers on building as seen from main campus courtyard looking East
  2. Sign heading towards parking lot identifying 1200 on your right, numbers on that side of the building facing 1100
  3. Name/numbers on entrance to Little Theater (LOCATION NAME on MAPS?)
1200 toward parking lot1200 from courtyard??1200 unmarked entrance


  1. Replace Transom stencil
  2. Improve BACKSTAGE signs on side facing 1500/1600/3500; Need this on waypoint signs nearby at Courtyard and Parking Lots
13001300 sidesign to backstage from 1500PAC Backstage

1400 Auto/Welding

  1. Sign facing 1500/1600 courtyard
  2. Alley between 3500 and 1400 needs signage at parking lot
  3. Wall facing parking lot could use sign
1400 front14001400/3500 alleyalley at 1400Parking Lot at 1400/3500 entrance
entrance to 1400/35001400 back along auto wall
  1. Remove transom sign and bronze placque.
  2. Add signage from Courtyard
  3. Add Bldg Number from side facing PAC
  4. Add Bldg sign facing 3500/1400
 15001500 from courtyard15001500 back


  1. Remove Stencil on doors facing courtyard AND 1500
  2. Back of 1600 facing 1400 needs sign for Machine Tools Lab
160016001600 south entrance1600 back Machine Tools


  1. Remove Stencil on doors facing courtyard
  2. Put number on building facing both courtyard and 1800
  1. Need sign facing Building 3400 from Parking Lot D/E
  2. Replace bronze placque at South End
  3. Parking Lot D entrances need better number visibility
  4. Need sign/waypoint at Parking Lot D entrance to 1800/3900
1800 South Entrancereplace 1800 old marker1800 from Lot DParking Lot D looking at 18003900/1800 corner

Planetarium & Lecture Halls

  1. Remove Stencil on doors facing courtyard

Faculty Offices

  1. Should we put signs on this building if it will be torn down "soon"?

Biological Sciences

  1. Should we put signs on this building if it will be torn down "soon"?

Dental Hygience/Health Offices/Classrooms

  1. Need Signs to Dental Hygiene Clinic - see JoAnn's notes in comment log

Cafeteria/Student Center  



  1. What signs, and where, are needed for this building given its role?


  1. Needs numbers facing Bookstore 
  2. Need numbers facing 2100/DSRC entrance
 2500 Gym2500 from 2100

Athletics Offices

Good number facing Bookstore 


Women's Locker Room  


Men's Locker Room

  1. Need signs on side facing M&O and driveway to athletic fields
  2. Back of 2800 need sign towards pool/2900 from road to athletic fields
2800 MLR28002800Back of 2800

Athletics/Fire Technlogy

  1. Need larger number on side facing parking lot


  1. Need signs on Building facing 2800
3000 M&O3000

Health Science Classrooms

  1. Side of Building facing 2000 needs numbers
  2. Side of building facing 2100 needs numbers

Security Trailer  



  1. Sign on walkway from 1600/1400 towards 1800
  2. Sign from walkway between 3400 and 1800
3400 BMW3400 from Parking Lot D walkway


  1. Front of building signs blocked by trees
  2. Sign at door from entrance on 1500 can't tell the number
  3. Back door needs signs
35003500 ECD35003500 doorway can't see #Child Care 3500 back door


  1. Do we need better signs to this building?

Child Care Center

  1. Needs signs and waypoint facing 1300/PAC walkway
  2. Need sign from parking lot (Waypoint)
Childrens Centertowards 3700
3800 Bookstore
Currently has good # and DESTINATION labels MAP LOCATION?
BookstoreBookstore from courtyard

Chemistry Labs, Math Lab, Classrooms, Computer Science

3900 frontchemistry south

Strength & Fitness Center

  1. Signs needed over doors facing parking lot
  2.  Signs needed over doors facing athletic fields