Funding Requests

Professional Development Funding Requests

All Requests

Conference Leave Request forms must be submitted at least one month before the Professional Development activity.

Requests will be evaluated by committee members. All Funding Request applications must include  the Conference Leave: Request Form.

To apply for funding, please use the application form below. Please save it to your computer first, then fill it out. Completed applications with Dean/Area Managers signature should be turned in Aubrie Ross (Bldg 100, Office 150).

All funds from the Professional Development Committee will be issued via reimbursement.

After Participating in the Professional Development Activity

After participating in the Professional Development activity, you will need to complete a Conference Expense Claim Form within ten (10) days after completing travel. We suggest you review the Business Services webpage for additional information about conferences and the reimbursement process.

Your Conference Expense Claim form should be submitted to Aubrie Ross (Bldg 100, Office 150) and must include the following:

Required Information:

  • W# of Requestor
  • Full Name & Address
  • Professional Development Activity Title
  • Date of attendance & location
  • For each date of Attendance, fill in the Date, Travel, Lodging, Registration Fees, & Other Expenses, as applicable.

Supporting Documents:

  • Professional Development Activity Information (proof of attendance)
  • Copy of Approved Conference Leave Request form
  • All Original Receipts
  • Professional Development Activity Report

Example: Conference Expense Claim Form


Thank you for your interest in Professional Development!