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Direct Loan Program Information

Community Colleges in California remain an affordable option for students to receive their education. Chabot College is a low-cost public institution with limited entrance requirements. The enrollment fee waiver (BOG) and grant assistance (PELL) typically covers the cost of education at Chabot College.  However, some students (out of state residents, for example) may need to borrow money to help with school related expenses.  Typically, a student who needs to borrow money to get through school is making a good investment for the future.

Unfortunately, many students enter into debt without a clear picture of how it will affect them in the future. For this reason, the Financial Aid Office (FAO) has adopted strict policy and procedures for our student loan applicants. We are dedicated to supporting student success - our goal is to help our students develop a realistic educational borrowing plan to ensure that those who plan to transfer will have sufficient loan eligibility remaining to complete their education, and those whose plans conclude with a certificate or associate degree will not be overly burdened with student loan debt.

Therefore, the FAO does not award student loans as part of the “award package” in our initial review for financial aid eligibility. Students who are interested in borrowing a federal student loan are required to visit the FAO to request a loan application.  Applications will be given ONLY to those students with completed financial aid files who meet the eligibility requirements for the academic year for which they are applying as determined by FAO staff.

Remember! A Student Loan is a long-term financial obligation!   Borrow only what you need!  Please take the time to carefully read through all of the loan information we provide for you, including our loan brochure .  The FAO would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about our loan program.

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