Administrative Questions

2018-2021 PAR Cycle

1. What are your top 2-3 priorities for improving student, faculty, classified professional and administrator support?
2. As a service oriented department, what training and tools are needed to improve ‘customer service’? 
3. What mechanisms or resources are needed to develop and implement effective and efficient processes in your area?
4. Administrative Services has a high level of engagement with the external community and stakeholders. If this is relevant to your administrative area, how can you enrich these relationships to further the mission of the college? 
5. How do you create greater interaction with students in order to stay connected with the strategic goal to ensure student success and achievement (if student interaction occurs in your administrative area)? 
6. Reflecting upon your data or previous program reviews, what work in your area are you most proud of, and what problem(s) remain a major challenge for you? 
7. What infrastructure or college-wide issues continue to present challenges to your staff members from successfully achieving their individual goals? 
8. Please review the Strategic Plan Goal, the Student Milestones Framework and Objectives, and Narrative. How will your discipline contribute to achievement of those priority initiatives and the overall goal in the next 3 years? 
9. Reflecting on your answers to questions 1-8, what are your top goals (no more than 5) for the next three years? And, what is your general plan for achieving them?
10. What are your facilities needs (different, new, augmented)? Why is your old facility inadequate (old, dated, safety, size, #s of student served, etc)? Support and/or connect your facilities needs to students (enrollment, completion, sections offered, sections needed, new technology, etc.).