Committee Questions

2018-2021 PAR Cycle

1. Referring to the new charter for your committee, how is the charter new/different from the previous charter (2006)?

2. How will your committee’s work impact student outcomes? How might your committee contribute to the achievement of the college’s strategic plan goals and initiatives?

3. Please review the college’s equity data by race-ethnicity and gender. Our students do not succeed, persist or complete “equally.” If we set aside the notion that our students have deficiencies that we cannot remedy, what work might your committee do to ensure more equitable student outcomes?

4. Please review the Strategic Plan Goal, the Student Milestones Framework and Objectives, and Narrative. How will your discipline contribute to achievement of those priority initiatives and the overall goal in the next 3 years?

5. What infrastructure or college-wide issues continue to present challenges to our students successfully achieving their goals? Do you have suggestions for how your committee might be able to work to resolve those challenges? If so, please share them.

6. Reflecting on your answer to questions 1-5, what new initiatives (no more than 5) do you propose for the next three years? And, what is your general plan for achieving them?

7. What are your facilities needs (different, new, augmented)? Why is your old facility inadequate (old, dated, safety, size, #s of student served, etc)? Support and/or connect your facilities needs to students (enrollment, completion, sections offered, sections needed, new technology, etc.).