Dean and Area Manager Summary Questions

2018-2021 PAR Cycle

1. Please provide a summary of your division or area, which includes a brief description of your area and the key contributions, major achievements, and highest priority challenges within your area. 

2. Thinking about your division and based on your interactions with students, what are the greatest obstacles to completion for students taking courses or using the services in your area?

3. How does inequity present in your division or service area, that is, how are our most disadvantaged students challenged in your area? What three things could your division do holistically to ameliorate or eliminate these challenges?

4. Reflecting on the various submissions from your area, in your judgment, in ranked order, which of the proposals most deeply connect with the Strategic Plan Goal or one of the Student Milestones Framework and Objectives, and Narrative and if resources were available should be funded?

5. Keeping in mind both general operations and student learning, in ranked order which resource requests are most critical?

6. In ranked order, what infrastructure or college-wide issues do you feel deserve immediate attention?

7. Given your answers to the first six questions, what are your top five goals for the next three years, and what is your general plan for achieving them?