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Some FAQ's

  1. Q: I have an idea for a project. Who should I contact and when should I contact Grant Development Office?

    A: Although most agencies do not release RFA’s until 1-2 months before applications are due, you can always look up the previous year’s application for reference. Most RFA’s do not change too much from year to year and sending a quick email to a Program Officer will easily answer any questions about upcoming changes. Reading an RFA ahead of time will give you time to plan and develop your project long before you have to start writing.

  2. Q: How do I do submit project ideas to the Grant Development Office?

    A: You can do that through several ways:

    1. Submit your project idea on the Grant Idea Worksheet included in the Unit Plan
    2. Fill out the Preliminary Grant Proposal Form available on the website
    3. Come in and talk to the Grant Development Office about your idea

  3. Q: What if I find a funding source for my idea and I want to apply for a grant?

    A: Notify the Grant Development Office using the same process above and schedule a meeting so that we can talk about how the Office can best support you. Depending on College-wide grant priorities, I may be able to help you more or less as time permits.

  4. Q: Who should I notify before I proceed writing a grant?

    A: You should notify your Dean and the Grant Development Office (even if they are not directly involved with writing the grant). The Grant Development Office will help you complete a Grant Approval Form which asks for various signatures. Oftentimes, if you have been working with the Grant Development Office from the beginning, this form and the required signatures are completed and gathered for you.

  5. Q: I don’t know the first thing about writing a grant and the language that is used. What should I do?

    A: The Grant Development Office has books and resources to help you get started with writing the text. Depending on the proposal, there may already be boilerplates/templates or sample proposals on your topic. Also, depending on my workload, I may be able to help you write/edit your proposal. In the future, look out for Grant Writing Workshops and more helpful resources on the Grant Development Office website.

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