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Our Thanksgiving Day with International Students

This year we had the pleasure of hosting two international students, Fatou from Senegal and Sally from Kenya. I picked them up in the afternoon and they were both looking forward to spending some time with my family for a traditional turkey dinner. On the way to our house, I assured Fatou that our ferocious dog will not bother our guests. On arrival, our dog, Mina, was the first to greet them. Once Fatou realized what a tiny dog she was her fear was gone. I introduced them to my husband, his parents and my mother who were excited about meeting them and learning about their customs and traditions. Both Sally and Fatou explained that they don't have a holiday similar to Thanksgiving in their countries and were curious about experiencing their first turkey. Before dinner, we had a chance to explain some American traditions to them and hear about some of the celebrations in their countries. During the dinner, I explained the various trimmings that were served with the turkey. For the most part, they enjoyed the dinner; however, the yams were not their most favorite.

After dinner my brother joined us for dessert and we took some photos to share with the rest of our families. All in all, it was a wonderful way for me and my family to spend our Thanksgiving holiday. We enjoyed Fatou and Sally's warm and bubbly personalities. We look forward to spending more time with Fatou and Sally on some future sightseeing excursions.

We look forward to next year when we can share the Holiday with other international students.

~ By Mrs. Shirley Pejman ( Counselor in the Disabled Student Resource Center)

Sally, Fatou, Mrs. & Mr. Pejmans' Family  (Photos: Shirley & Hooman Pejman)

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