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TOP BENEFITS of Attending Chabot College

  • Affordable Cost UCTransfer
  • Excellent Transfer Opportunities
  • Focus on Teaching
  • Small Class Sizes: 24
  • Additional Year of Practical Training
  • Use of the Latest Technologies
  • Hundreds of Programs to Choose From
  • Opportunities to Experience U.S. Culture
  • Excellent Student Support Services

Everyone Likes a Guarantee!  Please click on the link below to review the listing of UC participants and the requirements and deadlines for their Transfer Admission Guarantee TAG.




Note 1: If you have attended a university or college in your country, you MUST submit all records to the university for which you are applying for a TAG.

What is 2+2 Transfer?


Your first 2 years at Chabot College

        + 2

A transfer in your last 2 years at University

        = 4

4 year Bachelor Degree

 2+2 Transfer  2+2


US Education System vs. Community College


Community Colleges have a common mission to promote and support learning and student success. Almost 50% of all U.S. undergraduates begin their study at a community college - one reason why U.S. community colleges are becoming more widely known to international students worldwide as "the gateway to U.S. higher education." These 2-year institutions, also known as technical or junior colleges, award associate degrees (or certificates) upon completion of a 2-year program of study. An associate degree enables you to Transfer to a 4-year college or university where you can obtain a bachelor's degree, usually after 2 additional years of study. Begin a career immediately in any one of hundreds of fields not requiring a 4-year degree.



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