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Chabot College DOES NOT issue I-20 forms to students requiring ESL first: English as a Second Language.

Note: If you are a U.S. permanent resident (green card holder) a U.S. citizen, or if you are currently in the United States in another visa category such as J, H or other, you should follow the instruction on the ESL program website http://www.chabotcollege.edu/LanguageArts/ESL/register.asp You are not considered an Interantional Student and should not apply through the International Student Office.

Interested in a Private Language School?

Chabot College does not offer beginning or survival ESL courses.

You may obtain an I-20 form from a Language School in the United States. You must contact the Language schools to obtain detailed information about their admission requirements. The starting dates of the Language schools are varied. They usually begin their session every other week or every other month. Please contact them for specific dates. To read more information about nearby private ESL schools go to /international/esl.asp

Upon submission of their institutional TOEFL results verifying the minimum score of 500 PBT, you may transfer to Chabot College. You must receive an I-20 form and transfer in before taking classes at Chabot College. You may be required to take more English instruction when you transfer to Chabot College. The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Chabot College is not as intensive as a program at a Language School. Please note that Chabot College can not issue an I-20 form to students with a major of "English as a Second Language Program". The ESL courses are available to International Students in addition to their academic program.

 International students can obtain English competency by enrolling in one of the following:

ESL schools (nearest locations to Chabot College) TOEFL/IELTS alternative
ALP (American Language Program at California State University East Bay) in Hayward

Institutional TOEFL of 500 or more

EF (Education First) International Language Schools:
Mills College campus in Oakland
       *San Francisco

Institutional TOEFL of 500 or more

ELS Language Centers:
       *San Francisco

Completion of Level 109 or higher

Stafford House:
       *San Francisco

Institutional TOEFL of 500 or more


    *San Francisco

Institutional TOEFL of 500 or more

Language Studies International:          
       *San Francisco/Berkeley


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