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Interdisciplinary Studies in Letters & Science (ISLS)

How To Enroll

We are excited to have you consider ISLS! Here are the steps of the registration process for our program. Print this form out and keep track of what you have completed!

  1. Read all about it! Read our brochure, and look at the webpages of our past ISLS program to get a sense of the books we have read, and of the assignments we use to explore those great works. Note that some of the books for 2005-2006 will be different. Look at our current ISLS program plans, too! Still have questions? Contact us!

  2. Let Us Know You Are Interested! Fill out the contact portion and questions in the application, which tells us you are interested in considering ISLS. We'll be happy to discuss any questions you might have, and help you decide if ISLS is right for you!

  3. Apply! If you are serious about joining us for the continuing 2005-2006 program, fill out the application online (or come get one in person!).

  4. Talk with Us! The next step will be to talk with one of us to verify your readiness for the program! If we agree that ISLS seems right for you, you'll be given a registration validation slip you can use to register in person for Autumn 2005 Classes at Chabot College.

  5. If after talking with an ISLS tutor you know that this is just the program for you, you can register online by following the instructions below:


              • ISLS 9 (CRN 22530)
              • ENGLISH 1A (CRN 22532)
              • ANTHROPOLOGY 1 (CRN 22534)
              • POLITICAL SCIENCE 25 (CRN 22533)
              • HISTORY 1 (CRN 22535)

      Please note that you must enroll in ALL of these simultaneously - you cannot just enroll in one class. Also, if you have already taken any one of these courses, the campus computer system will "BLOCK" your enrollment, and you'll have to enroll in person at the registration window.

    If you have ANY question, please contact one of the faculty tutors.

    Last updated: 5/2/05 - SH
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