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Rules & Information


Students must be registered at the school they represent in order to participate in the festival.


Schools will be classified according to the following divisions:

  • Middle School Division: Students in grades 5 - 9
  • High School Division: Students in grades 8 - 12*
  • 2-Year College Division: Performers must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits
  • 4-Year College Division: Performers must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits
  • Community Division: Performers must be enrolled at least 1 credit

Note* - Depending on number of High School entries competing,  this division may be split into several groups according to school size.


Groups are defined as:

  • Big Band - 10 or more performers
  • Combo - between 2 to 9 performers

Entries/Entry Fees

Each school can bring a maximum of 6 entries; 3 Big Bands and 3 Combos.

Early Bird application received on or before September 1, 2012.  Fees must be received by October 1, 2012

  • $200 - for Big Band
  • $125 - for Combo

Regular application received after September 1, 2012.

  • $250 - for Big Band
  • $175 - for Combo

Late application received after February 1, 2013.

  • $325 - for Big Band
  • $225 - for Combo


Groups elected to compete will receive audio comments/scores and ratings.  Non-competitive schools will receive audio comments.  Scores and ratings will also be given but not posted.  Competitive High Schools with multiple groups should assigned their top groups as "Big Band 1" or "Combo 1" and must compete at their designated division.  Other entries from the same school may compete, if possible, at a smaller division.


Directors must check in at least 15 minutes at the information booth prior to their warm up.  For Big Bands, please provide 3 full or condensed music scores for all pieces for each adjudicator upon check in.  For Combos, please provide 2 least sheets for all pieces for each adjudicator.


All completed forms online and applicable fees must be received in full by the designated date to be eligible for the "Early-Bird" pricing.  The festival will schedule groups on a first-come, first-served basis.  We will attempt to accommodate time requests to the best of our ability. 

Festival Pass and Guest Artist Concert Tickets

Depending on availability, participants will get complimentary Guest Artist Concert ticket and Wristbands.  Directors will get a complimentary ticket and wristband.  A complimentary ticket and wristband for 1 Big Band chaperone.  Non-participants will be charged $5 for a festival pass for any day event.

Room Assignments

Event schedules will include room assignments for Warm-up, Performance and Feedback areas:

  • Staff headquarters - Room 1109
  • Information Booth - Performing Arts Center Lobby

Performance times/Set-up

Each group is allotted a total of 30 minutes to set up, perform, make announcements, break down and exit.  Each group must program a maximum of 4 pieces and a maximum performance time of 25 minutes.  After the end every performance, each group will be escorted to a Feedback room.  Please note that only 30 minutes will be allotted for moving/set-up, clinic and receive possible awards.  The festival will not reschedule a group who missed their scheduled performance.


The festival will provide a Full drum set with hardware (Cymbals, Hi-hat) for both clinic room and performance area.  You may bring your on hardware if you wish.  A guitar and bass amplifier will be provided for both rooms along with a piano.  Electric keyboards maybe provided in some performance areas.  Due to the volume of participants, we will not be providing storage for instruments.

Scoring and Rating

Carefully selected adjudicators will ensure a quality review for all schools participating.  A judge or judges will have the opportunity to critique each group at the end of their performance at the designated site.  Scores will be posted as soon as possible. Ratings, and audio comments will be uploaded to the website as soon as possible.  No score sheet or written comments will be handed out.  A clinician may give you a written comments as a courtesy.

Festival Map

A general festival map will be provided in the director's packet. Please direct your students to the appropriate venue upon arrival to orient everyone involved in the festival.

Festival Information/Snack Bar

There will be an information booth and there maybe a snack bar for guests and participants located near the designated events.

Campus Etiquette

Please be aware that there are classes during the festival. Students may only play at designated areas of the festival.  Anyone caught disregarding this rule will forfeit the right to participate in the festival. The band director of the barred student will be notified of the infraction.  Anyone caught defacing school property will be reported to Campus Security. 

Bus Loading/Unloading and Parking Information

A part of Lot G is a designated area for school bus parking, loading or unloading.  All other vehicles may park in any open parking lot. Parking rules will be enforced by campus safety.  There is a $2.00 parking for all vehicles.

Sound Reinforcement

Each group with will be provided sound reinforcement.  Stage Monitors will provided for all Big Bands and will only contain Piano and solos only.  Sound reinforcement and/or stage Monitors will not be provided to Combos.

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