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More About Our ESL Program

Core Courses:

The ESL 110 courses are integrated courses that teach reading, vocabulary, writing, and grammar together. Students in these classes practice writing, read different kinds of texts, and review the grammar of English. These are the core courses:

  • ESL 110A - High Beginning Reading/Writing
  • ESL 110B - Intermediate Reading/Writing
  • ESL 110C - High-Intermediate Reading/Writing
  • ESL 110D - Advanced Reading/Writing

If you haven't taken any ESL 110 classes here before, you'll need to go through the ESL placement process to find out which ESL 110 course you should take; the Assessment/Testing Information webpage at Chabot College can provide you with further information about this process.

Speaking and Listening Courses:

Students in these courses develop their skills in listening, speaking, and pronunciation. (There are no prerequisites for these courses.)

  • ESL 111A - Pronunciation

  • ESL 111B - Academic Listening and Speaking

English Grammar:

  • ESL 112 - English Grammar: Review for ESL - This course provides ESL students with an intermediate-level overview of the structure of English grammar. (Eligibility for ESL 110C strongly recommended.)

  • ESL 114 - Editing for the Advanced ESL Writer - This course is for ESL students who need more practice editing their papers for errors or need more preparation for English courses. (Prerequisite: ESL 110D or eligibility for English 101A demonstrated through the English Placement Process.)

Support Courses:

Some of these courses are offered during Chabot's short-term sessions. That means they may start several weeks after the beginning of the semester. Be sure to check the Schedule of Classes for exact starting dates.

  • ESL 108 - Basic Spelling for ESL

  • ESL 109 - Vocabulary Skills

  • ESL 127 - ESL Pronunciation Lab - This is an independent-study course in which you utilize the resources in the Language Center (Room 2351) to improve your pronunciation skills.

  • ESL 128 - Faculty-Student Tutorial - This is an independent-study course in which you utilize the resources in the Language Center (Room 2351) to improve your English skills.

  • ESL 115 - Writing Workshop for Non-Native Speakers: Individualized and group instruction in writing with emphasis on pre-writing, organization, and correctness. Student develops and reinforces academic writing skills through conferencing with instructor and writing coaches, completing online exercises and workshops, and completing and revising writing assignments. Emphasis placed on the writing process and individual writing needs.(Strongly recommended: eligibility for ESL 110B).

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