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Writing Assignments

The Chabot English Faculty believe that students learn to express their ideas best by sustaining and supporting complete arguments.  We do not believe in the hierarchal model whereby students work up from words, to sentences, to paragraphs to the essay.  As students advance through our courses, they write and revise essays of increasing length and complexity, as well as engage in less formal writing exercises.  Formal essays should not privilege personal reflection, but require students to critically respond to or analyze class texts. 

Resources below include:

- sample writing assignments organized by course, by type and by text
- sample student papers by course
- writing process materials

By Course


By Type


Literary Analysis


Summary Response

Textual Analysis

By Text (selected titles)

Sample Student Papers

Basic Skills

Student Paper: Two Worlds Apart (101A)
Instructor's Assignment
Student Paper: To Fit In or Stand Out (102)
Instructor's Assignment

English 1A

Student Paper: American Paradox
Instructor's Assignment

English 4

Student Paper: Facing Reality (Close Reading Fiction)
Instructor's Assignment
Student Paper: It Is What It Isn't (Close Reading Poetry)
Instructor's Assignment

Writing Process Sample Materials

Writing Process Overview

Pre-Writing Activities

Peer Review Activities



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