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Center for Teaching and Learning

Focused Inquiry Groups (FIGs) - BSI

ESL Student Learning Outcomes Assessment for Adjunct Faculty

Area of Inquiry

Our ESL/SLO FIG has three goals:
  1. Involve adjunct and full-time faculty who are teaching ESL 110A and ESL 110B in evaluating SLOs and assessing them in their respective sections in the Spring 2009 or Fall 2009 semesters.
  2. Analyze data from the SLO assessment cycle for ESL 110A and ESL 110B. This will include a discussion of whether or not the SLOs and rubrics as currently written are effective or need editing. Furthermore, the assessment results of those SLOs will be analyzed to see how well they align with our curriculum at those two levels.
  3. Provide a two-hour stipend to compensate participating adjunct faculty.

Discoveries to Date

Kent and Linnea held two separate meetings in the spring semester to meet with the ESL 110A/B instructors and explain the SLOs and rubrics for those classes. Each instructor was asked to collect data for one SLO for their section. The instructors were invited to attend the staff development sessions in the spring/fall semesters to learn how to use the software program eLumen. At this time, we are waiting for the necessary files to be made available to us through eLumen so that we can all input our class data and then analyze our assessment results. We will then have a meeting to go over these results, and Kent and Linnea will subsequently share our FIG experience with the BSI committee on Dec. 8th.



  • Linnea Wahamaki
  • Kent Uchiyama
  • Debbie Mejia
  • Dorothy Sole
  • Natalia Ades
  • Christine Park
  • Sean Connoly




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