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Center for Teaching and Learning

Focused Inquiry Groups (FIGs) - Title III

Student Learning Outcomes in Athletics

Area of Inquiry

In Physical Education, there are many courses that have not developed Student Learning Outcomes, as they lack full-time faculty anchors. 

This Adjunct Faculty Group in Physical Education will bring together a group of adjunct faculty, who will write SLOs for their respective Physical Education courses, which define the most important goals for students to achieve.  We will assess the SLOs, evaluating how well students are actually achieving those goals.  Finally, we will use the results to evaluate the data and process.  We will share our insights on what we have learned about our classes, our Course Outlines of Record, our students, and ourselves.

Discoveries to Date


Institutional Support:
Dale Wagoner, Dean of Physical Education, Health and Athletics
Patricia Shannon, Humanities, Title III Activity Director
Carole Splendore, Learning Assessment Coordinator
Carolyn Arnold, Institutional Research
Jeff Drouin, Physical Education Instructor - FIG Leader

Chelsea Spencer - Softball
Mary Pastore-Police and Fire
Nancy Hawtrey-Water Aerobics
Carol Harris-Martial Arts
Paula Aloi-Box Aerobics and Tae Kwan Do
Susan Altenbach-Yoga and Dance
Alyssa  Wilmot-Hip Hop Dance
Rick Morris-Tennis 
Wendy Aye – Cheerleading
Don Queryl – Baseball

Svetlana Korzun – Quest Yoga and Aqua-fitness

Annie Roake – Dance, Quest Water Exercise
Susan Valentine – Quest Exercise
Rosalie Woertgoetter – Quest Line Dance and Exercise to Music




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