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CTL Arenas - Cognition

This academic year we want to shift our professional development focus from what we want students to learn in each of our courses and programs to how students learn – the cognitive processes of learning. Grounding our queries in the latest psychological and neuroscience research on learning theory, we will see what learning looks like in the brain: how memories are formed, what makes them lasting, how do we retrieve them and build on them? Then, we will explore how this knowledge can be applied to the classroom to see how we can most effectively teach the brains of different learners. The goals of these activities are to broaden our learning culture, to enhance our teaching repertoires', and to develop camaraderie among diverse instructors by viewing our teaching through the lens of the learning process and by discussing how the knowledge gained impacts classroom practice.

These topics will  be explored through workshops, discussions, and Flex activities. The entire March Flex Day will be dedicated to the theme of Cognition & Learning featuring a guest speaker, James Zull of Case Western Reserve University, and multiple guided discussion groups exploring how observed pedagogies engage the brain in learning.

Please join us as we explore how people learn!
Dr. James Zull

James Zull invites teachers in higher education or any other setting to accompany him in his exploration of what scientists can tell us about the brain and to discover how this knowledge can influence the practice of teaching. He describes the brain in clear non-technical language and an engaging conversational tone, highlighting its functions and parts and how they interact, and always relating them to the real world of the classroom and his own evolution as a teacher.

The Learning Cycle

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