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General Information - Major Grants & Projects

Basic Skills Initiative

Title: Strengthening Basic Skills Education at Chabot College

Goals: The following recommendations emerged from Chabot's Basic Skills Self-Assessment, conducted by the Basic Skills Committee.  The recommendations reflect areas where committee members noted significant interest and need at the college.  They fall into four major categories:

  1. Coordinated college-wide basic skills philosophy and framework

  2. Professional Development:  Effective Instructional Practices in Basic Skills Education

  3. Direct Support for Developmental Students:  Tutorials and Counseling Services

  4. Curricular Review and Change:  Strengthening Student Outcomes

  1. Develop and institution-wide, integrated basic skills philosophy and framework
  2. Carefully study issues involved in adoption of mandatory orientation, assessment, and/or placement at Chabot.  Develop policy recommendations
  3. Increase professional development opportunities re: effective practices in developmental education
  4. Expand and strengthen supplemental academic and counseling support in basic skills
  5. Support extensive assessment and review of the elements of the current curriculum and develop curricular changes that would improve student outcomes.
Grant Documents

BSI Funding Application

Chabot's Self-Assessment - Spring '08

Focused Inquiry Group Documentation Form

Focused Inquiry Group Reporting Requirements

BSI non-FIG Group Reporting Requirements

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