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Mc on the Mic
"In my death, people will understand what I am talking about."--Tupac Shakur
2 transferable Credits
w/ librarian kim morrison
 The spring course (CRN 22569) will feature hip hop/rap and popular culture, particularly on Tupac Shakur.  It will meet Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-2:50 p.m., 08/20 to 10/17/2013, in Room 119.  Enroll now!

* Gain Library Research Skills by researching themes within:
Rap/Hip-Hop language, music and culture or a topic from another class.

* Our goal will be to explore various topics by using the tools the Chabot library provides students to accomplish their research needs.

* We will find Rap/Hip-Hop resources in scholarly journals, popular magazines, books, websites and newspapers.
As a class we will be exposed to various hip hop , documentaries, films along w/ music from around the world.

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