Library Staff

Norman Buchwald, Information Literacy and Technology Librarian
Liaison to Language Arts

(510) 723-6993

John Chan, Collection Development and Online Learning Librarian
Liaison to Business and Workforce

(510) 723-6778

Dr. Kim Morrison, Equity, Diversity, Outreach and Inclusion Librarian

(510) 723-6762

Pedro Reynoso, Instruction and Outreach Librarian
Liaison to Social Sciences

(510) 723-6767

Vacant, User Experience and Technology Librarian


Heather Hernandez, Library Services Specialist
Acquisitions, Orientations

(510) 723-6763

Roland Belcher, Library Technician

(510) 723-7513

Erika Dishman, Library Technician
Audio-Visual Center, Circulation
(510) 723-6766

Vacant, Library Technician
Audio-Visual Center, Circulation

(510) 723-6766


Blake Lewis, Library Technician
Cataloging, Circulation

(510) 723-7113

Sandy Tran, Library Technician
Reserves, Circulation

(510) 723-7112

Paul Maclennan, Librarian
On Leave

(510) 723-7006

Christine Sibley, Librarian
Reference, Cataloging

(510) 723-7006