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Online Reference Shelf--Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks and Plagiarism

  • Plagiarism Court
    Online tutorial on how to recognize when you are attributing and citing works correctly in your papers, vs. ending up "stealing another's ideas" for your own.
  • Preventing Plagiarism
    Resources for instructors.  This pathfinder includes not only links to selected quality web sites but also books on this important subject.
  • Plagiarism and Cyber-Plagiarism
    Resources for instructors and students.

  • Copyright and Fair Use
  •  The Copyright Primer
    Excellent online tutorial on understanding copyright and when to ask for permission, both for in print and online sources.
  • Crash Course in Copyright
  • When Works Pass into Public Domain
  • Search Copyright Office Records
  • USPTO Web Patent Databases
  • Patent Cafe
  • U.S. Trademark Electronic Search System
    To search United States Trademarks, click on the link on the top left.  It will take you to a database where you can then perform your search

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