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  • Associations on the Net
    A directory of links to over 2000 home pages to various different associations.  If you want to search a directory that contains even more associations that either are on the Internet or not, please consult the Encyclopedia of Associations which is available at Chabot Library's Reference Desk
  • Directory of Human Services for Alameda County
  • Women's Organizations
    "Features a directory of Web sites on women's organizations, compiled by the Office of the University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Librarian. Includes categories such as academic professional organizations and professional  organizations focusing on women's issues." (OCLC Netfirst)
  • Foundations Online
  • American Hospital Directory
  • Embassy World
  • International Organization Web Sites

  • Scholarly Societies Project
    "Provides access to Web pages and Gophers, subject guides, full text archives of serial publications, conferences, standards, and special kinds of scholarly societies." (OCLC NetFirst)
    Biograpy/Who's Who Directories  Click on the link to go to the listing

    Business Directories  Look also under Telephone/Zipcode/Email directories.
    List includes insurance and manufacturing companies

  • Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe Company Financial Information
  • Enter your search terms then select a source from the pull down menu below
  • Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe Business Directories & Reference
    Enter your search terms then select a source from the pull down menu below
  • Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe Business Information
  • Select a category to get to a search form and then search news, financial information, compare companies, search information about 25 major industries, or directories
  • Lexis-Nexis Academic: Hoover's
  • Hoover's Online
    Contains general free information on the biggest companies of the nation, including main address and phone number, list of key people, financial information from the past year, and sometimes a listing of some of the company's biggest competitors.  Also includes links to articles about the company. For more detailed profiles, use Lexis-Nexis Academic, listed above.
  • Standard and Poor's Insurer Profiles
  • Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
           Requires free registration
  • College/Education Directories
  • College Source Online
    Password to view full text of the catalogs is available at the Career Center.  For now, look at Fact Sheets!
  • Peterson's
  • Web U.S. Higher Education
  • Publisher Directories/Book and Periodical Listings
  • ArqWeb's Directory of Publishers and Vendors
  • Books in Print
  • Bowker's Publisher Authority Database
    Enter the name of the publisher as best as you can, then click on the matching entry for publishing address, web address, and more.
  • Journal Abbreviation Sources
    A listing of web sites, each one that spells out abbreviations to all sorts of journals and magazines used by many indexes and institutions
  • jake (Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment)

    A work-in-progress, jake is a searchable database to help you find out what electronic subscription databases index journals, magazines, and newspapers, including whether full text is available or not.  For Chabot Library, please look for Ebsco Master File Plus and Ethnic Newswatch, as well as SIRS Knowledge Source.  Note:  Remember this is a work-in-progress and not complete as of yet.  Search the actual databases themselves by the title of the journal to double check
  • Internet Directory of Publications
    Telephone/Zip Code/E-Mail Directories
  • Finding People on the Internet
    A wonderful research guide to finding people that are hard to find on the Internet.
  • Airline Toll-Free Numbers and Websites

  • Area Decoder
  • Business Toll-Free--800, 888, and 877 Numbers
    A directory of toll free directories, including the Internet 800 directory and AT&T's Anywho
  • Internet Address Finder
  • National Address Server

  • Anywho: Reverse Look-Up

  • Switchboard
    Find an address for a person or business and then create a map for that location (including directions from another address)
  • Telephone Directories on the Web

  • U.S. Blue Pages
  • U.S. Gazeteer
  • Yellow Pages Search

  • Zip-Code Look-Up and Address Information

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