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National Government

  • Student Gateway to the U.S. Government
    Includes links to various different government forms such as voting registration, driver's license information and financial aid information.  Site includes information on how to plan and pay for your higher education, develop your career and get involved in community service
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  • Thomas--Legislative Information on the Internet
  • The Contacting the Government Database (by Your Home Address or Zipcode)

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  • GPO Access
  • State and Local Goverment on the Net

  • State and Local Governments (Library of Congress)
  • U.S. Blue Pages

  • California Government Information Sources

  • California Home Page

  • California District Maps and Summaries

    From UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies, provides current maps of districts in the California State Assembly and Senate Districts as well as U.S. Congressional Districts for the state of California.  Scroll further down for summaries on the districts under "California Journal Links"
  • California Congressional Districts
  • California Courts: The Judicial Branch of California
  • ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments)
  • California Institute for Federal Policy Research
  • California Bills and Constitutional Amendments Database

  • California Ballot Propositions Database
  • Rose Institute's California Political
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  • Google's Uncle Sam
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