How do I find articles?

    Chabot and Las Positas College students, faculty, and staff have access to several online article databases. Article databases are where you should go to find magazine, newspaper, and scholarly journal articles. The databases available to the Chabot community can be found listed on the Article Databases Page.

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How do I find books? image of book

The Library Catalog is where you will go to search for all the books, DVDs, videos, and other print and audio-visual materials in the Chabot and Las Positas Library. As Chabot students, you have access to Las Positas' collection free of charge. You can place a hold on items through the catalog and they will arrive the following Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.

To find books on a topic, you will want to do the following:

1.  Enter search terms as one or two words.  No long phrases.

2.  Put the connector, AND, in between each of your search terms.

3.  Leave the right pull down menu as Words or phrase.

4.  Click on Search.

In Library Catalog, search entered is Sex Differences and Communication

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How do I print in the library?

The Go Print card dispenser is located in the main hallway of the Library. The Go-Print card is a $1 and comes with 50 cents of print jobs on the initial card. You can add more money to the card through the card dispenser station. Printing costs $0.10 a page. Printers only print in black and white. There are two printers in the library with an additional printer in the WRAC Center. Once you send your print job to the printer, you will have to release your print job at the terminal next to the printer. Your print job name will be the name of the document you are printing.

GoPrint logo

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How do I get research help?

Every hour that the library is open a librarian is on duty at the Reference Desk. You can also text, call or chat online with a Chabot Librarian every hour that the library is open. To contact a librarian, go to the Library Help Page.

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Cite my sources in my paper?

Your instructor may ask you to cite your sources or create a Works Cited page for your paper. Chabot Library's MLA handout based on the 7th Edition (2009) is now available online and in the Library!  To view the PDF as a full screen, click here. The APA guide is forthcoming.

MLA Citation Handout (7th Edition)

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How do I access the article databases from off-campus?

To access the databases from off campus, you must log-in with a W ID and your pin. Your pin is the same as your BlackBoard pin. Your pint is first two letters of you first name, the first two letters of your last name and the last four digits of your W ID.

For example:

Benjamin Franklin W ID= W12345678

Mr. Franklin's pin would be befr5678

For more help on finding articles, you can contact a librarian in a variety of ways on the Library Help Page.

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Get materials from other libraries?

As Chabot College students, you have access to the Las Positas Library collection (with the exception of reference books and other selected items). The Library Catalog searches the Las Positas and Chabot libraries. From the book's record (the page with all the book's information in the catalog) click on the "Place Hold" link on the right hand side of the screen. If there is material not available at either Chabot or Las Positas, it is possible to get and Inter-Library Loan from another library. To see if the item you are looking for is eligible to be sent to Chabot for your use, please contact Blake Lewis at or (510) 723-7113.

We also recommend you get an Alameda County Library card.  With it you have access not only to all of the libraries in its system, but also to check out books at California State University, East Bay!  An Alameda County card will also allow you access to their databases from your home.

To quickly find a book outside our District, search WORLDCAT.  When you find a title, you enter your zip code and then the catalog will let you know where the closest library is located.


Here is a list of other libraries in the Hayward area:

Alameda County Libraries

Hayward Public Library

California State University East Bay Library

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