Group Study Areas


The Library provides a unique area for groups working on research projects, available right behind the reference desk. 

You will have a spot for your very own computer to perform your research together, a place to browse through books you may want to check out or reference books, and a librarian nearby ready and willing to help you with your research!


Chabot Library provides three study rooms that groups of two or more people can sign up for up to a maximum of two hours a day. A sign up book is available at the reference desk and you can sign up to a week in advance. You need to show up within five minutes after the time you signed up, otherwise that time is forfeited.

students reading books

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Student Computing Lab

Chabot College Library is home to a student computing lab in the Mezzanine (the second floor of the library). Currently enrolled Chabot and Las Positas students have access to 56 PCs and 2 Macs in addition to a scanner. All you need is your W ID to log in. All computers are equipped with Microsoft Office 2007. To get directions on printing in the library, visit the How Do I Print Page.


  • Internet chats, messengers, games, and usenet are prohibited.
  • Changing any setting on any machine is prohibited.
  • Food and drink are not allowed.
  • Downloading any software is prohibited, whether it be from your disk or from the Web.
  • Printing is ten cents per page.
  • Any conversations in this study area should be kept to a minimum.
  • No other ID other than a CURRENT Chabot/Las Positas College ID will be accepted.
  • Computers are designated for academic use only.
  • Lab assistants can not repair hardware/software issues.
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    Audio/Visual Center

    In the Mezzanine you will find the Chabot Library Audio/Visual Center where you can browse an extensive CD, DVD, VHS, and Audiocassettes. Equipment to view/listen to our audio/visual materials are also available in the Mezzanine. The Audio/Visual Center is also equipped with electrical outlets for laptops.

    You can contact the Audio/Visual Center at (510) 723-6766.

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