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Nursing - Application opens Nov 1st until Jan 29th.


1: Application for Fall 2015 is closed. Fall 2016 - A Chabot College Application for Admission must be submitted to the college prior to applying to the Nursing Program. To apply to Chabot College go to, upper right corner APPLY ONLINE.

2:   New for Fall 2016: All applicants must attend the information meetings. A verification card will be issued at the meeting and must be submitted with your application.  Meetings will be held the first Tuesday of the month in March, April, May(LPC), September, October, November and December. Chabot meetings are at 12:00 room 2252, building 2200.

3: Review your transcripts for accurate dates of admission and courses term dates for pre-requisite courses.

*C-ID is a supplemental common course numbering system aimed at helping students and faculty identify courses across institutions that fulfill associate or baccalaureate degree requirements. Beginning in fall 2012, some ASSIST reports will include C-ID designations for approved courses.

4:  Review the Criterion Worksheet. Calculate your Fall 2016 eligibility. 

5:   Take and pass your TEASŪ exam. Submit with the application an unofficial copy of your results. If selected you and you have taken the exam outside of Chabot you will be required to submit official results through ATI Testing. Every student must score 62 percent in their 'Adjusted Individual Total Score'. (*These levels maybe adjusted on or before the testing period.)

6:  Application for Fall 2016 opens November 2, 2015.

7: Review the Criterion Worksheet (total points sections 1-6). Complete page 1. Complete the ADN Supporting Documentation. Complete and submit the Application Packet Checklist.

8: Application for Fall 2016 deadline is January 29, 2016. Hand carried documents will not be accepted. Your application packet, including transcripts must be mailed. Submit the completed application packet to:

NOTE:  Failure to follow all the above steps will result in the application being removed from eligibility.


  1. After the January 29, 2016 deadline, students who have applied to Chabot Spring 2016, submitted the Class-Web online application, who meet the minimum requirements of having completed the science prerequisites, fixed course prerequisites AND whose transcripts from all schools attended have been received will have their application evaluated and criterion points assigned. Application packet must be postmarked on or before January 29, 2016.

  2. Criterion Worksheet points will be verified. Applicant pool will be ranked according to final scores.

  3. New for Fall 2016: The top 1/3 of the applicants will be placed into a lottery pool.  Forty students will be selected for the program. Alternates will also be selected from the group.

  4. Application status letters will be mailed by April 30th.  Alternates will be notified as space becomes available.

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