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To begin your study for eventual entry into the Nursing Program:

1. Your first goal should be to complete any preparatory course work which will help you meet the program's requirements. This could include basic mathematics, algebra, chemistry and/or biology.  You may also need preparatory work in collegiate reading and/or writing. See your counselor to discuss your skills and courses. To check course equivalency try Use the California ID (CID) to compare courses. Equivalency Chart

 2. Fall 2017: Complete as many of the General Education (G.E.) requirements for the AA Degree as possible before applying to the Nursing Program. You will have little time to complete these courses once accepted into the program. Many applicants finish their general education entirely before beginning the nursing course work in the program. The specific pre-requisite fixed courses needed by the Nursing Program are summarized below.  SB1393 states: if you have a baccalaureate or higher degree and are seeking a nursing degree from California State Universities or California Community Colleges, you are exempt from College General Education and Graduation requirements for your Associate Degree in Arts.

3. Recommended additional classes you can take to enrich your education are Medical Terminology(Health 51A), Health Care Provider Basic Life Support (BLS) (N70B) or Life-Span Psychology (Psych 12).  Chabot is also offering a special biomedical statistics course Math 43.  This course in not required but will earn the student additional points in their criterion score and qualifies for 4 year transfer credits. Please note some classes taken at Las Positas College may not meet Chabot College graduation requirements.

4. Earn strong grades, especially in science, behavioral science and communication courses.  GPA minimums are used in calculating those eligible for the selection pool.  Grades of "C" can not be repeated. You are only allowed one "C" in the sciences. You can repeat only one science course with "W" or one failing grade.

Recommendations for preparing to apply to the Nursing Program:

It is also strongly recommended that you complete as many of the General Education degree requirements as you can prior to entry in the Chabot Nursing Program. Pre-requisite courses listed below must be completed by December 31, 2016.

Chabot College Nursing Program - Science Pre-Requisites

Incoming Fall 2017: You must complete all Natural Science courses, and four general education courses listed below. 

C-ID is a supplemental common course numbering system aimed at helping students and faculty identify courses across institutions that fulfill associate or baccalaureate degree requirements. Beginning in fall 2012, some ASSIST reports will include C-ID designations for approved courses.

Note:  Biology 31 and  Chemistry 30A are required if you complete the above Natural Science courses at Chabot or Las Positas Colleges.

For current Associate Degree Requirements and additional general education courses  go to counseling

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