Class of 2020

Class of 2020:

2018-20 Student Handbook

2018-20 Student Handbook Appendices A-KAppendices L-End

CDC Healthcare Provider Immunization   Adult Immunization Record, includes lot and expiration dates.

Class Updates

Email 20:39 BRN Accreditation Visit April 29-30th. A reminder the BRN is coming for an accreditation visit next Monday and Tuesday. The Educational Consultant, Dr. Engle, would like to meet with the first year students in Rm 3102 at 11:00 AM and second year students at 1:00 PM in Rm 3115.  Agenda

Email 20:38 UCSF representative will be on campus to discuss Nursing Pathways to BSN.

Email 20:37 It’s scholarship season. Check bulletin boards and website for links to application criteria and applications.  Apply NOW if you qualify

Email 20:36 April 10th the class will be attending the BRN Disciplianary Meeting at UC  Davis School of Nursing. Please work together to car pool.  Meet you there at 7:30 AM. Uniform of the day will be gold/black polo shirts and black/khaki pants. Name tags are required.

Email 20:35 April 4th. First year students will meet with the program director on Thursday, April 4th at 9:00 to discuss our BRN Accreditation visit scheduled for April 29th and 30th.

Email 20:34 Thursday PJ party. Wear your favorite PJ’s through the day. Food assignment posted on the bulletin board and on emails.  Let’s celebrate with the 2nd year students as they complete N60b.

Email 20:33  F.A. Davis is thrilled to offer the following scholarships for Spring 2019:

Email 20:32 Liaison/SNA Meeting Thursday March 21, 2019 Room 3115 12:00.

Email 20:31 Kaplan Remediation:  All student must remediation after taking Kaplan Exams. This is a preparation for your NCLEX test when you graduate the program. Please complete the remediation for you 9 week course Kaplan exam by April 1, 2019.  You will not need to submit any confirmation. The program office will print the report from the Kaplan site. If you have any questions, please discuss with your instructor, program director or program office.

Email 20:30 Plagiarism:  Please review this article and submit a one page summary to your 9 week theory instructor by Thursday March 21, 2019 7:00 AM.

Email 20:29 Gerbi-Costa Scholarship is now open. Please complete your application and submit to the program office by April 2, 2019.

Reminder 20:25  FAFSA application for Fall 2019-Spring 2020 are due March 3, 2019.

Email 20:28 Kaplan final semester payment is due by February 27, 2019.  Email will be sent to students directly from Kaplan.

Email 20:27 Faculty Response to Liaison Minutes. See email and bulletin boards for documents.  BRN Accreditation visit is scheduled for April 29-30th.  The director will be meeting with you class to discuss the expectations of the BRN representative on April 11 at 9:00 AM.

Email 20: 26 Congratulations to the new officers of the Class of 2020: President, Nicole Laboyag, Vice-President, Vy Nugyen, Secretary, Erin Hutchinson, Treasuere, Aaliyah Asuncion and Social Chair, Victoria Larsen.

Email 20:25  Friends of Chabot are offering a variety of student scholarships, two specifically for nursing students. Please apply now. 

Email 20:24 Thursday, January 18, 2018 12:00 Liaison meeting with Ernesto Victoria followed by SNA meeting.

Email 20:23 Financial Aid Fun Facts.  Please complete your FAFSA for 2019 to be eligible for financial aid. see their website for information about eligibility and possible awards.

Email 20:22 Welcome Back for Spring 2019. Please see the individual CANVAS sites for your first day assignments. The first day of class if January 14, 2019.  Kaplan semester payment will be due in mid February. Look for email from Kaplan.  SNA Officers. If you are interested please email the program office with your name or fellow classmate and position.

Email 20:21  Congratulations on completion of your first semester. You are not eligible to apply for your Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate through the State of California. Due February 15, 2019 1. Completed application and Livescan. The program will sign the application and submit to the CNA Board.

Email 20:20   At the end of each semester we ask for our students to review their theory and clinical experiences. See CANVAS for links to the individual surveys. Complete one survey for N55 clinical instructors, N58, N61, and N69.  The surveys are confidential but we ask students to be professional in their review.

Email 20:19 In response to students, we have moved N88 back to Thursday but at 3:00 PM.

Email 20:18 Student Nurse Association officer nomination is now open.  If you would like to nominate a classmate or yourself,  please send your name and office desired to the program office. Ballots will be distributed in Spring in N88.

Email 20:17 Holiday Party December 13, 2018. 2 PM.  First year students will be providing food through their nutrition class project. Second year students will provide drinks and desserts.

Email 20:16 Spring 2019 rotation and Class Schedule. Please register for classes as indicated. Please note the schedule will NOT reflect the current online Chabot Class Schedule.

Kaiser students will complete a Kaiser Information packet distributed in N55. Please complete the forms with dates indicated on your individual email. Passwords will be requested from Kaiser. Each student will be notified when to complete the KP Learn modules.  There are additional tests in the packet you have been given. Please review the modules and take the test.

RN Falls Prevention

RN Patient Restratint

RN Blood Product Administration

Email 20:15 Liaison meeting Reschedule with Ernesto Victoria. We are asking one representative from each rotation to attend. November 27, 2018 Room 3115 12:00 PM.

Email 20:14 Liaison meeting November 15, 2018 room 3102, 12:00.  We need your input to update or enhance the program to meet the student, faculty and program needs. We need one representative from each rotation to participate. The rotation can decide how to select the representative. This should be on a rotating basis.  Each student should be schedule to attend at least one meeting during their tenure with the program.  Everyone at the program is welcome to attend.

Email 20:13 Halloween Party October 25, 2018 12:00 Room 3115. Dress to scare up a prize. It’s a potluck so check the bulletin board for the list.

Email 20:12 SNA/Liaison Meeting October 18, 2018 12:00 Room 3102

Email 20:11 Due October 15, 2018. Flu Vaccinations are required by the nursing program.  Due date to complete your Flu Shot is October 15, 2018 except for Stanford ValleyCare rotation. They will be given the shots on October 17, 2018 at Stanford ValleyCare.  Please upload a copy of your flu shot to Castle Branch to complete your file. Submit your completed form(s) to your clinical instructor.  Flu Form

Email 20: 10 SNA/Liaison Meeting 12:00 on Thursday September 20, 2018, room 3102, B3100

Email 20:09: Mentoring has been set up with the second year students. Attached to the email was a alphabetical list of pictures of the Class of 2018. Make the connection today for support through your first year of the program.

Email 20:08  We have a nursing counselor available on Thursday for nursing room 2265.  If you need someone to discuss your current program or any difficulties in the program contact Ernest Victoria,  Chabot College offers additional assistance for student need food and clothing. Please visit those websites for information, Cal Fresh, Food Pantry and EOPS

Email 20:07 Safety Training Friday at 8:00 Event Center. Please wear comfortable clothes.

Email 20:06: Immunization packets have been reviewed. If you were missing any information, individual emails were sent.  Please check Castle Branch for any incomplete paperwork. BLS: if you BLS expires mid semester you must renew it at the beginning of the semester.  Please check your expiration dates and schedule renewal classes as necessary.  Registration: No everyone has registered for the balance of the classes for your first semester. You should be registered for N55, N58, N61, N69 and N80.  Monday, August 20, 2018: Check CANVAS for announcements. August 16 adn August 17 the program office will be closed for convocation and college day. I will be available through Wednesday.

Email: 20:05 Uniform of the Day: Please follow the N55 Canvas instructions for uniforms for the first four weeks. After you begin your rotation at the hospital you will begin wear uniforms as described on the Uniform of the Day.

Email 20:04  August 1st 8:00 AM Building 2200, 2nd Floor Room 2252 will be the  last orientation and along with a Meet and Greet hosted by the 2nd year nursing students.  Agenda attached to email sent. We will be discussing Kaplan, Handbooks, uniforms and you will meet the nursing faculty.

Degree Evaluation Request 

Email 20:03  Class of 2019 will be selling hospital name tags ($10 each), vests, class sweatshirts and t shirts on August 1st. Please bring cash or use VENMO.  See flyer on email.

Email 20:02 Register Now The class has been cleared to register for Fall 2018 classes. please register for N55 first as enrollment is concurrent with other courses listed.  N55 is 5 sections please check the alpha listing and sign up for the correct section.  The class schedule is also attached. The date/time of classes may vary from the Class-Web schedule.

Rotation: The 7:00 AM skills is assigned by hospital rotations. The hospital assignments are determined by the instructors. Your N55 rotation assignments will be released in July. Please note everyone will visit 4-5 different hospitals during your time in the program as you move to the various rotations.  You are required to arrange your own transportation on Tuesday /Wednesday to the hospital sites beginning September 18th.

HealthStream: Effective July 1, 2018 I have created your user and password. See email for instructions. Due August 1st four modules: Rapid Regulatory Compliance I and II, Hazard Communications and HIPAA.

Email: 20:01

  • Orientation RemindersJune 19th 8:00 AM Bldg 3100, Room 3102. Parking permits are $2. Please be on time. If you are unable to attend in June, you can move your date to July 17th. Please email the program office (Catherine) if your plans have changed. Next orientation if July 17th and then the entire class will meet again on August 1st.
  • Polo Shirt order is Due June 19th. Bring your polo shirt order form and cash/money order on Tuesday. If you are attending the June orientation, you may mail your order from with payment to the Chabot Nursing Program. Money Orders should be made out to the Cha bot Nursing Program. Please do not send cash through the mail. Polo shirts will be distributed at the August 1st orientation.
  • Class Registration will be covered in orientation.

Program Expenses. This is  a guestimate of current program costs. Included is your first semester initial costs.

Class schedule has changed and may not be the same as the listing from Class-Web.  You will follow the attached schedule.

Class of 2020

Welcome to the Class of 2020 (your graduation date) to the Chabot College Nursing Program.  You will need Adobe Reader to open and view the incoming nursing program forms below.  Please review and print all of the Incoming Student Packet (23 pages). Create a file/folder on your desktop for future reference. Keep copies of all paperwork submitted to the Nursing Program office.   Bookmark this page. Email updates will be posted to this site through the summer and semester.  If you think you missed an email through your zonemail, here is the place to check for updates.


Alternates will be notified in rank order as space becomes available until August 1, 2018. You must return your alternate acceptance profile with current contact information. Please review the student information packet for immunizations requirements.

Important Dates  for Incoming Students

Acceptance: Please submit your acceptance form to the program office on or before the deadline.

June 19th or July 17th, select one of these orientation dates. Everyone will attend on August 1, 2018.

June 30th: All students must have a titer report completed. If your result indicate you not immune or borderline, your first booster is due.

July 31st:  Your second PPD skin test should also be completed. If titer results non-immune, negative or borderline; second booster should be completed.

August 1st: All medical forms must be submitted. Final Orientation to the program. Expectations, uniforms and first week schedule will be reviewed.  SCANs of the forms should be uploaded.

August 20th: First day of class. All student must have their equipment, books and paper name tags the first day of class.

September 11th: First day of clinical.

Student Information Packet:

Complete Student Information Packet.  This packet is 23 pages. Be sure you are able to print legible pages. If you need copies please contact the nursing program office to pick up a packet. Email Contact:  Office (510) 723-6896 Fax (510) 723-7298.  Chabot Health Center will be open through the summer. If you are enrolled in class at Chabot during the summer you can utilize their services.  Follow the link for information about PPD testing.

Included in the Student Information Packet is:

  • Student Forms Checklist
  • Student Initial Costs
  • Nursing Program Reminders
  • BLS Certification Class Registration for July 12, 2018
  • Background Instructions
    • Nature and Scope
    • California Notice of Rights for Investigative Consumer Reports
  • Medical Report (2 pages)
  • Annual Symptom Review
  • N95 Mask Fit Due August 1, 2018
    • St Rose OR
    • Washington Well for Work
  • Kaplan Integrating Testing Payment Schedule
  • HealthStream Online Clinical Orientation Program
  • Nursing 55 Release Authorization
  • Simulation Center Confidentiality Agreement
  • Polo Shirt Order Form
  • Basic Math Skills Review
  • Suffixes Review
  • Prefixes Review
  • 2018-2019 Academic Calendar

Program Office Information:

The Nursing Program Office is located in Room 2273, Building 2200, second floor. Contact is Catherine Gentiluomo (510) 723-6896. Email  The program office is open Monday through Friday until May 31st., Summer hours are Monday through Thursday 8:30 – 5:30 PM (June and July). Program questions not answered in the orientation meetings can be emailed to the program office or the program director, Connie Telles,

Register for Classes:

Fall registration will be reviewed at orientation in June/July. Nursing students must pass the background and drug screen as well as complete all required documentation to register for the nursing courses. You may register for classes after you have been cleared by the program office. Check your Zone mail for clearance to register.


NURS 55 textbooks can be purchased as a bundle through the Chabot Bookstore or individually by ISBN numbers through online sources. These books are used through the two year program. Students are required to purchase textbooks and be ready to begin class on August 20, 2018. Second year student will have used textbooks for sale during the August 1st orientation.