Class of 2022

Fall 2021 Updates:

Summer Requirements:

Annual updates--check your 2020 testing dates on CastleBranch. You must RENEW your annual requirement within two weeks of the previous testing. Annual updates are required by TB, N95 and HealthStream.

Annual Update Packet has more information and forms.

  • TB (Quantiferon).  If you are TB positive, only a symptom review is required, do not update your chest x-ray.
  • N95 – Washington Urgent Care will be closing effective June 30th. If you do not get your fit test before they close, WTMF will be offering N95 Fit testing at their locations as well.
    • N95 Maskfit Test Update 6/30/21- Washington Urgent Care mask fit site is now closed. Other sites may require you to bring your own mask for testing. Below are the approved sizes.
      • 3M1860 Small

      • 3M1860 Regular  (currently unavailable)

      • 3M1870 One size

      • BYD DE2322 one size

  • HealthStream – update all modules.
    • HealthStream Accounts Catherine set up your individual accounts in Healthstream last year.  Please sign in, verify the spelling of your name and the email address. Your Zonemail account was used for each student--if the information is incorrect, please contact me to change it.
    • User and Passwords are the same characters. Only the first letter is Capitalized.  If you are unable to get in, please email me. I can recheck the entry for spelling. 
      • User/Password: C22firstinitiallastname      (No spaces)
        • Example: Greta Vasquez Martin C22gvasquezmartin
        • Example: Joseph Martian  C22jmartian
    • July 30, 2021 is your deadline for all uploads to CastleBranch including HealthStream Modules (Certifications). Complete all four modules. Download and Print to PDF your Health Stream TRANSCRIPT (under your account). Please upload only the one page with the list of modules completed, not each individual certificate. 
    • Using the link/URL here, you can log in to your account: 

      You will pay individually for each module $3.50, all four must be completed by July 30, 2021.
      1. Rapid Regulatory I
      2. Rapid Regulatory II
      3. Hazardous Communication s
      4. HIPAA
  • Covid-19 Vaccine required for all who will be in Pediatrics rotation(s).

If for any reason, you are not returning in the fall. Please notify Connie Telles directly

Fall Courses and Hosptial/Clinical Site Info:

Please check your email for your your course registration guide.

For Hosptial/Clinical Site on-boarding please verify and complete the instructions and/or packet for the appropriate clinical site below. Completed packets should be returned to Ellie Hirstein.


Spring 2021Updates:

Kaiser Rotation:  Please review each module. Answer the questions and submit with your Kaiser packet.  You must score 90% of higher on each test.


Fall 2020 Updates:

Student Handbooks - 

Please see the attached Student handbook for rules, regulations, policy, and proceedure for the Nursing Program for 2020-2022.

Uniforms - 

First year students will have three uniforms.. Uniform Description

1. Navy Blue Scrubs(skills/lecture)   2. White Scrubs(clinical ONLY)   3. PoloShirt/Khaki or black pants (off campus events or presentations, clinics and mental health rotation)

Skills Kit Order Form - Deadline July 30, 2020

"Welcome to the Chabot Nursing Program

During the course of your nursing program you are required to learn a variety of nursing skills.  Many skills require a variety of supplies and equipment to perform these skills.  You are required to supply your own supplies and equipment for practice/test of selected skills. 

The nursing program has selected a kit of items you are required to have to practice/test on your assigned nursing skills.   To purchase this kit ($153,50), review the order form attached to the email sent on 6/22/2020.  Follow the directions completely and forward to Grace Training Supply, noted on the form if you are paying online or sending in your payment.

Please ensure your form and payment are received by the due date noted on the form.  See email for password for the Chabot Nursing Account. Order online:

Program Letter Applicant Status 

Welcome to the Class of 2022.  Applicants will be notified by May 15, 2020 of their selection status. Please check your Zonemail account for information. We will not be mailing letters this year.  Additional required documents will be found on this page. Check daily for updates. 

1. Complete the acceptance profile through Survey Monkey - see link in your acceptance email.

2. Complete your background/drug screen payment. Schedule your drug test. Background form

  • You will receive an email from CastleBranch with the vendor for your drug screen. Contact the vendor to verify they are open. If not, check CB for another location. 

3. Please review and PRINT the Incoming Student Packet. There are forms for you to complete and sign. 

  • If you are having difficulting arranging for a physical please notify the program office. 
  • Options:
    • Chabot Health Center (TVC) for current Spring/Summer students is available for titers and physicals. Plesae identify yourself as a incoming nursing student.
    • If you are attending another college check their health center for appointments.
    • Drug Screen lab maybe able to complete your titers/quantiferon. ASK!
    • Ask your physician to request the labs and schedule the physical for later in July. 

4. Review the Immunization Explanation. There is an audio component with this file. You may need to dowload or use Google Slides to hear the explanation. Shared Google Doc

5. Continue to check this webpage for program updates throughout the summer.


Covid 19 Nursing Program Updates

Nursing Program plans to keep both students and faculty safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please read it carefully, as it affects your education process.

Online Format

All lecture content and skill presentation will be delivered in an online format.  Faculty will present “live” lectures via Zoom, as well as post pre-recorded lecture material via Canvas.  Skill presentations will be delivered by video.  Students may be required to upload documents, videos, and other graded assignments to Canvas.  All exams will be given via Canvas using electronic proctoring software. Simulated clinical experiences will be offered through virtual case scenarios.

Technology Requirements

Due to the online format of the course, each student is required to have a personal laptop, or computer that is equipped with a camera and microphone.  In addition, each student must secure a reliable internet connection in order to participate in the online coursework.  If you are not financially able to meet these requirements, please speak with our financial aid for additional funding or equipment which maybe available to students meeting specific parameters.  Your must have your FAFSA application on file.

Completion of Hands-on Skills

Students will be required to watch videos and practice skills at home using a skills kit purchased at the start of the Program.  Students may be brought in to campus in small groups in order to demonstrate skills competency, or students may be asked to upload a video of themselves performing the skill.  Should students be brought in to campus for skill competency testing, social distancing and use of paper or cloth face masks will be required. Prior to entering campus, students will undergo temperature assessment and symptom screening.  Students who do not pass the screening will be sent home.

Hospital Partners

Over concerns of Covid-19 spread, most of our hospital partners throughout the Bay Area have limited hospital access to nursing students.  We are in close contact with our hospital partners and are awaiting updates daily.  In addition, we are working to locate additional opportunities for direct patient care within the community.  We will update you, as soon as we know more.  There may be opportunities for students to perform tele-health visits, screen employees going into businesses, and other safe “hands-on” client interactions.