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Chabot College Blackboard Privacy Policy

It is important to Chabot College that all students feel secure knowing that their privacy is protected within the Blackboard System, in compliance with the U.S Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Blackboard is password protected, and only enrolled students from your course are able to access your class. When you enroll in a Chabot College course that uses Blackboard, your username, password, and Zonemail email account are automatically entered into the system.

Your Blackboard Username, which is your W number, will only be visible to the instructor and system managers, which includes system administrators and technical support personnel. Other students will only see your name. Your password will be known only to you if you choose to change it from the default password (we recommend this for safety reasons).

Keep in mind:

  • Your Blackboard activity can be tracked by your instructor to see how many times you've entered the class, etc.
  • Material posted to the Discussion board is able to be seen be seen by all students within the class, so use your best judgment when posting personal information (such as your phone number).
  • Blackboard classes typically include links to external websites. Aside from links to Chabot College affiliated sites, the college is not responsible for the privacy practices of outside sources.
  • You can choose to update the email address that appears in Blackboard from your Zonemail email to a personal email address. A valid email address is required for instructor contact methods and to automatically reset your password if you happen to forget it.
  • Choose a password that is at least 8 letters, mixing lower case and capital letters, numbers, and/or symbols.
  • If you write down your username and/or password to remember it, make sure it is in a safe and secure location. Do not share your username or password with anyone!
  • Finally, make sure to click the Logout button every time you finish using Blackboard, then exit out of the web browser. This is especially important if you share a computer or are using a computer lab.

Who Can See My Information?

Only authorized individuals (such as system managers and your instructors) of Blackboard, Inc., and the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District have complete access to your W number and the work you post on Blackboard (your password can only be accessed by you).

Limited access to courses will be granted occasionally to others, such as guest speakers and course evaluators. In both instances, your instructor will give you advanced notice.

How Will My Information be Used?

Student email addresses will be collected for student surveys on specific topics, such as Instructor Evaluations and for feedback on how to improve the Online Learning program in general. Instructors may seek your permission to use your work as examples for future classes. If so, your name will be deleted from the examples.

Your information and answers to online surveys will never be used for anything other than college-related purposes.


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