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Application & Registration Procedures

PACE: Evening/Saturday Degree & Transfer Program

You may skip any steps completed within the last year.

Please review PACE Info at /PACE

before pursuing PACE Admission.



1.    APPLY to Chabot ONLINE: at /admissions/apply - There is no fee to apply.

2.    Review PACE Info online at , print out and complete a PACE Application

3.    Attend a 1 hour PACE Information Meeting see separate page for meeting dates and times

4.    Submit a PACE Application, including Essay and copies of all previous college transcripts (unofficial are ok).

5.    Student’s PACE application is reviewed and student is contacted (goal: response by email within 1-2 weeks)

6.    If approved for PACE, student registers for PACE classes.  If not approved for PACE, register for non-PACE classes.  PACE is not to be used for “mixing and matching”.  See below for more info.  

a.      HOW TO REGISTER: Log on to CLASS-Web at http://banner-web.clpccd.cc.ca.us:700/ by clicking on “Sign on to CLASS-Web”. Enter your 9 digit student W# ID number OR SS# AND your PIN (birth date) and click Login.  If you cannot log in, then you must see Admissions in person with photo ID to re-set your PIN.

b.      NEW, FIRST TIME STUDENTS: Take Chabot Math/English Assessments.  The Assessment schedule and study guides to prepare for it are available at /-counseling/assessment.  All English and Math assessments are walk-in sessions, no appointments needed. You can get your Assessment results via CLASS-Web 24 hours after testing.  Take the Chabot College Online Orientation at  /counseling/orientation . Students who start the process early can take PSCN 25: Transition to College for ½ unit, which includes the Online Orientation, Assessment & Group Counseling; to do this: at the end of the Online Orientation, schedule a group counseling appointment; attend Group Counseling Session - bring your PACE Classes list and a valid Photo ID to the Assessment session.  Also know your Student ID#.

c.       CONTINUING OR RETURNING STUDENTS: Go to /PACE and print out the current PACE Classes list.  On top of front page, note * for “classes recommended for students new to college” and “Course Load” re: how many classes to take.  Select your classes.   If you want to take the English or Math Assessment, go to /Counseling/assessment and follow the instructions for Returning or Continuing students.

d.      PACE Counseling: If you have been accepted into the PACE Program, Chabot transcripts from all colleges you have attended besides Chabot and Las Positas, you are taking PACE classes AND you need help selecting classes, you can schedule a PACE Counseling appointment by contacting PACE Counselor Julie Machado at jmachado@chabotcollege.edu or 510-723-6619.  PACE Counseling appointments are for students taking PACE Classes.  If you are taking mostly non-PACE classes, you will be referred to General Counseling.

7.    FEES Chabot fees are due upon registration, and can be paid online by VISA/MasterCard, or by check, or in-person at Admissions or via payment plan.  If fees are not paid, you will be dropped from classes. There are no extra charges for PACE classes.  See /admissions/fees

8.    FINANCIAL AID: Grant and loan applications (FAFSA + BOG) are available in the Financial Aid office, Room 702, 510-723-6746 and at /finaid/ . Ask for a Fee Extension at Admissions while your Financial Aid is processing.

9.    STUDENT PHOTO ID CARD: is required for use in the library, bookstore and computer labs. Get one in Rm 709 (Online Services) by showing your class schedule receipt and one other form of ID.  See /StudentLife/photoid.asp

10.  PARKING PERMITS are available via CLASS-Web. 

11.  BUY BOOKS either the week before classes start or the first week of classes.  Books are available online at (click on Students, scroll down to Resources, click on Bookstore) or at the Chabot Bookstore, arranged according to course and section numbers, and can easily cost $200+ per semester.  ACOE Paraeducator Grantees need to set up an account through the Chabot Bookstore Customer Service Desk.

GO TO CLASS and study!   :-D                                                        


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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 2/14/2018