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Planning, Review and Budget Council (PRBC)

Program and Area Review

Important Information for 2017-2018 Submissions:

  1. This is a streamlined Program and Area Review process as we fine-tune our planning processes.  Academic Programs and Student Services and other Areas will all use a common set of forms.
  2. All Programs and Areas should complete and submit Questions 1-8.  You should also submit ONLY those appendices that reflect a change in resources requested for 2017-18 vs. what you received this year.
  3. Forms are available in both fillable PDFs and Word formats.  The Word format offers more flexibility if you need to add more lines for FTEF or supplies or contracts & services or technology & equipment requests.
  4. Submit your Program Review via email to your Dean/Area Manager by Monday, October 31, 2016
  5. The entire Program Review calendar is available here.


Program/Area Review Forms:  If you experience problems completing the PDF forms in Firefox, please try Internet Explorer.

Questions 1-8:  Fillable PDF Form  or Word Form


Dean's/Area Manager's Summary Forms:

Please contact Jan Novak (jnovak@chabotcollege.edu or X6690) or Trish Shannon (pshannon@chabotcollege.edu or X6835) if you have questions or need some help.

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