Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)

Chabot College first participated in the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) in 2016-17. This work resulted in a several key accomplishments including a revised Shared Governance Structure with updated committees, charges, and responsibilities, an online program and area review application, and the creation of an Institutional Effectiveness Office. In 2019, the College submitted another letter of interest to participate and continue to improve key institutional effectiveness processes. The areas of focus for Chabot's participation this round are:

  • ​Continued Refinement of shared governance processes via effective communication between the committees and from the committees to the campus;
  • ​Integrated planning and resource allocation with an emphasis on braiding funding as the way to operationalize that integration;
  • Support for creating and implementing new processes and software systems to support effective resource allocation and budget planning using data provided during program review.
Chabot's IEPI Partnership Resource Team (PRT) met with faculty, classified professionals, and administrators in March 2020 for a listening and appreciative inquiry session, and May 2020 to develop the Innovation & Effectiveness Plan.
More information about IEPI can be found at the CCCCO IEPI website
2019 Letter of Interest 
2020 Innovation and Effectiveness Plan
2021-March Update to Innovation and Effectiveness Plan