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First Wednesday Reports

First Wednesday Report - September 2014

College Budget: Good News

The college budget is in very good shape. We have Instructional Supplies money from funds not spent in prior years that we are now spending on much-needed materials requested through Program Review. The state, which had suspended the instructional equipment/library materials funds allocations across the system for a number of years, recently started allocating these funds to again (we received these too late for last year’s cycle and just found out within the last week that we will get an additional allocation for 14—15 that we will begin spending.) We also have a surplus in General Funds from 2013—14.  We had fully budgeted for 2013-2014 but, for a variety of reasons (including temporarily vacant positions, FON reimbursements, and other factors), we now have some significant resources in the General Funds from these savings. These will be spent in 2014-2015 on requests submitted through the Program Review process. We will also be given additional funding from the state as part of the Student Equity initiative, which supplements resources for colleges serving low-income and other under-served communities, as well as our enhanced SSSP funding.

Office of Development and the Foundation

We are looking forward to a fruitful year as the Office of Development and the Foundation launch their 2014-2015 activities. The office is busy this fall coordinating with a wide range of organizations, beginning with the Hayward Public Library and the October 6 campus appearance of celebrated military veteran and author Karl Marlantes. The Friends of Chabot College Board of Directors is planning its first gala fundraiser for November 6 at the newly opened event center at Stonebrae Country Club, about which we will be hearing more shortly. The Hayward Area Historical Society is launching the Chabot College archive with a Photo Day at their new facility on November 15. Anyone who has a Chabot-related photograph that they wish to have included in the Museum's archive may bring it in on that day to be scanned and included. All photos will be returned to owners (please contact Dr. María Ochoa for more details.) There is also the opportunity for visitors, who want to share their memories of time spent at Chabot to be videotaped during the day. And we just received word in late August that the Friends of Chabot Foundation application for our 501C.3 (non-profit organization) status has been approved. We appreciate the assistance given to us by Congressman Eric Swalwell’s Office in helping to expedite this matter.


We received funding through a District-wide AB 86 Consortium Grant for drafting a regional comprehensive plan that identifies and evaluates current adult education services in our region as well as service gaps. The intention is to create linkages between systems that provide transitions for students into postsecondary education and the workforce. Serving as the fiscal agent, our district has been partnered in $329,938 awarded for planning with the 10 member Mid-Alameda County Consortium (Chabot, Las Positas, the unified school districts in our service areas, ROPs, and other workforce development partners.) Key areas of focus will be the integration of basic skill education and ESL into career-technical education, apprenticeships, and programs for adults with disabilities. Chabot is also a participant in another district-wide consortium effort, the Career Pathways Grant, which prepares students for careers in high-demand fields in Health Sciences, Engineering and Advanced manufacturing, Information and Communication Technologies/Digital Media and Public Service.

Our Title V Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Grant Proposal was not one of the 28 awarded nationally in the current round.  While we are disappointed, I know that we faced more competition than ever this year and that we have an excellent foundation for submitting another proposal--- which we will certainly do (Our Title III proposal was submitted three times before it was funded; we know to be patient.)   Much gratitude goes to Yvonne Wu-Craig and the HSI grant development committee for their steadfast, creative, and visionary work over several years to develop a strong proposal that is meant to improve the college experience, success, and completion of our Latino and all low-income students. As soon as we receive the evaluator's feedback the committee will be meeting to determine how we can strengthen the proposal for next year's competition. In the meantime, some of the First Year Experience (FYE) and other pathway and equity programs and activities that were a major part of the HSI proposal can be partially supported by the Career Pathways Trust grant and our new SSSSP and Equity funding. Si, se Puede!

Faculty, Classified, and Administrative Hiring

Most of our hiring for the 2013-2014 prioritization cycle is now complete and we are happy to welcome new colleagues to many areas across our work community. Based on my experiences with this new cohort of classified, faculty, and administrative staff thus far, I am convinced the college’s future is in good hands! We saw them stand together at Convocation Day and are now getting to know their strengths and special contributions. Special thanks to faculty in Counseling and Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences who volunteered to serve on hiring committees for two positions during the early summer that brought us two of these new colleagues.

A recap of 2013-2014 faculty prioritization: After receiving the second ballot recommendations from last year’s Faculty Prioritization Committee, I forwarded to the Chancellor my recommendation for staffing all positions for which we had funding in order of the committee’s (recommended) priorities.   We received Board approval for all the positions and have hired new full-time faculty into each prioritized area. There were two small revisions made, following consultation, to two position descriptions. One involved our first- ever 100 % dedicated counselor for Athletics.  The position reporting structure was tweaked to enhance essential linkages of the new athletic counselor to General Counseling. The art instructor position was refined as “Art/Photography” to meet the college’s need to maintain comprehensive course offerings in both fine arts and photography. In each case these configurations strove to honor the strong work of the Faculty Prioritization Committee in making their recommendations and to meet the current Strategic Goals and Objectives of the college.

Following last year’s prioritization process and the posting of positions, we learned of the unexpected retirement of almost half of our full-time counseling faculty---a most unusual event.  As a result, we faced a situation in which we stood to immediately lose almost 50% of our full-time counselors as we confront the legal mandates of SSSP which require significantly greater organization and human infrastructure than we have had in Student Services for some time.  Our college’s Strategic Plan requires more integration of counselors into college-wide planning (to address articulation, student equity, and various other college-wide initiatives.) In spring College Council met, and following deliberation by representatives of our constituent shared governance groups, the Council recommended that counseling positions be moved up in the prioritization process. Per our procedural guidelines for faculty prioritization I moved prioritized counseling positions up in the 2013-2014 prioritization list to meet these overwhelming college needs.  This does not negate the fact of significant needs in other areas, needs we plan to fill shortly as we undertake our forthcoming prioritization cycle.

Facilities Update

Along with our two current “large projects” (New Biological Sciences facility and major renovation of building 100), the Facilities and Sustainability Committee has prioritized the following “small projects” (these should really be called “smaller projects”! Some are not so small):

- Building 1600 improvements

- Building 3100 improvements

- Athletic fields improvements

- Building 100 elevator

Civic Engagement Initiatives

Educating students in civic engagement is a major goal at Chabot. This year’s “60/50” campaign is getting into full swing and there are a host of exciting events leading up to our first “Registration Drill” of the year. The campaign, in association with other colleges and universities across the country, seeks to register 60 % of students in our communities by the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. On September 23rd, at college hour in Cesar Chavez Plaza, Passion and Purpose students and Student Life will lead a "Stop, Drop, and Register" event. On September 9th we hosted Frankie Guzman, an Attorney for the National Center for Youth Law to speak on issues related to civic engagement. We are collaborating with the Eden Area League of Women Voters on the “60 by 50” Project, and to feature Attorney and Author Christine Pelosi at our 4th Annual Law and Democracy Lecture “Call to Service: Political Participation is Your Message to the Future.” This event occurs on September 18 th in the Performing Arts Center at noon. Faculty:  please bring your students! Finally, we will train a new class of Chabot student leaders at Campus Camp Wellstone on September 19th and 20th.

College Enrollments

College enrollments are down slightly when compared to last year at this time, a phenomenon we are seeing across the state as the job market strengthens. We have undertaken a campaign to tell Chabot’s story and what we have to offer with the help of an additional $45,000 for “marketing” from the district. We have placed ads for the college in a number of venues, including on buses, and plan to use social media to reach young adults and other potential students.  There is so much going on at Chabot, and we all work so hard at what we do best, that we do not pause often enough to tell our own stories!

Speaking of which, a fine place to tell your Chabot story is at the new community garden and  outdoor classroom down near our athletic fields. It is a fine, fine place to meditate on the good here at the college. Kudos to the Passion and Purpose folks and their ever-widening community for giving us this gift.

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