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First Wednesday Reports

First Wednesday Report - April 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Happy Spring! Below are some updates on current developments.

Accreditation Update

(Thank you Jim Matthews for the following Accreditation Update) Standard Committee members are actively searching for information to include in the first draft of the Accreditation Self Evaluation Report that is due at the end of May. They may come to anyone for information, please help them as much as you can as they do this vital work. 

The College has submitted two reports to the ACCJC, an Annual Report concerning the educational achievements of our students and how we address those student goals and an Annual Fiscal Report of the college and district finances. Kudos goes to Dr. Carolyn Arnold, Minta Winsor, Lisa Ulibarri, Rob Yest, Bruce Mayer, Jim Matthews, and all of the Deans who contributed to the Annual Report. Special kudos goes to Barbara Yesnosky from the District Office, who produces and submits the Annual Fiscal Report for both colleges. You can find both reports on the College Accreditation Website.

Mission Statement

Over the past 6 months, the PRBC has been working on revising the College Mission Statement. The new Mission Statement was approved by the 3 senates, the PRBC and the College Counsel in December.  The Board of Trustees approved the new Mission at their March 18, 2014 meeting.

Chabot College is a public comprehensive community college that prepares students

to  succeed in their education, progress in the workplace, and engage in the civic and

cultural life of the community. Our students contribute to the intellectual, cultural,

physical, and economic vitality of the region.

The college responds to the educational and workforce development needs of our

regional population and economy. As a leader in higher education, we promote

excellence and equity in our academic and student support services. We are dedicated

to student learning inside and outside the classroom to support students’ achievement

of  their educational goals.

Pathways to Law School Program

We are thrilled to have received word in March from the State Bar of California’s Council on Access and Fairness that Chabot College has been selected for the Community College Pathway to Law School Initiative. This is indeed an honor for the College and kudos go to Professor William Hanson for his passionate and skillful advocacy in bringing this program to the College. Below is a quote from the March letter informing us of our selection:

 “…your college demonstrated the kind of leadership and student success indicators that we believe will be critical to the success of the Law Pathway Initiative.  We thank you for the incredible letters of support that your college provided, evidencing the kind of internal and external support needed for the Law Pathway students to be successful.  This is a 10-year pilot program, subject to renewal, and we believe your college has what it takes make it a successful one.”

 Stay tuned for more news on this exciting development.

Friends of Chabot College (Foundation)

(Thank you Dr. Maria Ochoa for the Foundation update) On March 26th, the Board of Directors for The Friends of Chabot College held its first quarterly meeting for 2014. At that time they voted to invite Vice President for Student Services Emerita Melinda Matsuda and CSUEB Police Chief and Chabot professor Sheryl Boykins to join the Board. In other important matters, they are enthused about the upcoming activities of The Foundation

Melinda Matsuda has begun her tenure on The Board in a rousing start. In the effort to invite retirees back to campus to assist in the development work of the college, she is planning for later this year a field trip for retirees to the DiRosa Preserve located in the Carneros region of the Napa Valley. The DiRosa Preserve is home to acres of vineyards, gardens, and natural landscape, and is also the site of the most significant holding of northern California art in the world. Boasting more than 2,000 works by over 800 artists, the collection displays the historic and contemporary contributions of California artists. Included in the collection are works by Margie Foster, a Chabot retiree, who will be a docent on the tour.

The year 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Chabot College opening its doors at the Hesperian location, and this benchmark provides us with exciting opportunities for a series of yearlong celebrations.

This coming fall 2014 we will begin, in collaboration with the Hayward Area Historical Society (HAHS), a book project that documents the history of Chabot College. HAHS will partner with Chabot in the outreach effort, as we establish a Chabot archive at their new state of the art museum and library, opening in June of this year.  Under the apt leadership of HAHS Curator Diane Curry, they will assist in the coordination of the community outreach activities as we gather photos, memorabilia, and oral histories that document the college and its impact. The book will launch in the fall of 2015 under the imprint of Arcadia Publishing.

Our signature fundraising event is scheduled for September 2015, when we will host "Farm to Fork:  A celebration of families, food, and farms." This inaugural celebration will recognize the many social, economic, and cultural contributions of families who sustained residents of the local area with their thriving farming concerns. We will begin in this first year with the families of Mt. Eden and, as the years progress, we will grow the event to celebrate the farming families of Union City, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Ashland, Cherryland, Fairview, and Castro Valley, all of which comprise our service area.

Naturally, the focus on food will provide us with the opportunity to bring to the fore contemporary standards of sustainability and stewardship, as we serve our guests a fine menu of cuisine that gives tribute to these qualities of excellence. To this end, we have some exciting announcements forthcoming, as our team builds the groundwork for our celebration.

Hayward Promise Neighborhood News

Below is a link to a recent excellent Daily Review on-line article regarding the Hayward Promise Neighborhood initiative which highlights the mentoring work of Striving Black Brothers.




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