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What do PUENTE students say about their experience in Puente?

  • "My writing has improved 100%."
  • "My whole attitude toward college has changed."
  • "The mentor assignment is very unique. I have never had such a fulfilling experience before. Meeting with my mentor gave me a feeling of knowing that I can do it."
  • "My mentor opened my eyes to all the opportunities available to me."
  • "My mentor has been the greatest role model to follow. My visit was worth every minute that I was nervous."

What do PUENTE mentors say about mentoring students?

  • "I think the mentor program gives the student a tangible example of someone who has successfully competed in their field and has proven that success is achievable."
  • "My greatest joy is to say something that will spark the student to continue their education and career aspirations."
  • "I feel I have learned as much from my student as she has learned from me."
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