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Process for Participation

  • Complete Puente Interest Form
  • Attend an information session
  • Counselor reviews student's reading and writing assessment scores
  • Counselor and/or English instructor interview student to determine level of interest and/or commitment to the program
  • Students must fulfill the the following:

Criteria for Participation

  • Must meet with the Puente counselor on a regular basis to complete a Student Education Plan and enroll in the required Psychology-Counseling courses each semester
  • Must fulfill agreement to stay in program for the full-year
  • Make a commitment to work with their mentor and complete the associated writing assignments
  • Be eligible for enrollment or enrolled at Chabot College
  • Must have a goal to transfer to a four-year college or university
  • Be eligible for the college's pre-transfer level writing class as determined by the English Assessment process
  • Must take 12 units or more of transfer courses a semester

Students who meet the criteria are informed and enroll in Spring for the Fall based on their registration period assigned by the Admissions & Records Office.

Students who do not meet the participation criteria are informed that they are not eligible for the program. The counselor provides academic advising services and referral to other programs.

NOTE: Forty to fifty students participate each year and they consist of continuing, returning and new students whose perspectives enhance the diversity of the group.  It is important that students be committed to their own transfer goal.


Puente Information & Orientation sessions lead by the English instructor and Counselor start in the Spring semester (February). All students must attend these sessions to get to know all students applying for Puente.


Q: How do I get into the Puente Program at Chabot College?

A: First, complete an Early Decision Application (applies to high school students in the Chabot College service area) to Chabot College and take the English and Math Assessment tests. Eligibility for Puente is based on your assessment score which must qualify you for English 102.  Non-service area students should apply for Chabot College and take their English and Math Assessments-See links on the left menu. Please Register with us and make sure you check off you interest in the Puente Project. As soon as you Register for Chabot and take your Assessments, we will contact you.

Second, submit a Puente Project Student Information Form in the Spring with a copy of your high school transcripts. Mail transcripts to our office address below.

Third, you will be asked to come for an interview. If you choose to participate in the program, the Puente counselor will help you choose classes and show you how to register.

Stay in touch with your high school counselor. Fill out the Early Decision Application (applies to high school students in the Chabot College service area), take the assessment tests and attend the required Chabot Orientation sessions. Once you attend the orientation session you will be notified by Chabot College when to come and see a counselor for registration. At this point you will see the Puente Counselor for your registration and counseling.

Q: How do I learn more about the Puente Project at Chabot College?

Puente Student Agreements and Commitments

Contact Puente (510) 723-7120 or the Counseling Office: (510) 723-6718/7013

Room 219, Building 200, Chabot College 25555 Hesperian Blvd. CA, 94545

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