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Safety Programs and Measures

Safe Ride Program

The Department of Campus Safety and Security offers escorts to the campus community to and from the parking lots. To arrange to have an escort accompany you from your classroom or office to your vehicle, dial 6923 from any college phone, or activate a nearby red emergency call station. An escort will be dispatched by radio to meet you at your location.

Safety Through Environmental Design

Safety through environmental design is yet another component of effective crime prevention. Our Maintenance and Operations Department works hard at keeping the campus grounds well groomed and adequately lit during darkness. The campus grounds and parking lots are lit at nightfall until 11:00 p.m. during normal days of operation. Emergency Call Boxes and telephones are strategically located throughout the campus for your safety.

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency Call Boxes are outdoors in all the parking lots and adjacent to the athletic fields. They can be found by locating the red “Call Station” towers or illuminated blue light during darkness. All of our emergency call stations are disabilities-friendly and easy to operate. Simply follow the directions on the call station or push the activation button for assistance. A Campus Safety Officer will always respond to an emergency call station to assist you. The location of our emergency call stations can be found under the parking lots section of this publication.

Emergency Campus Telephones

Emergency Campus Telephones can be found in all of our elevators and buildings. The telephones are marked “Emergency Telephone” and most are contained inside a red or white metal box mounted to the wall. Simply open the box, pick up the phone and follow the printed directions. Elevator phones will dial directly to the Campus Safety and Security Office while other phones require you dial the Campus Safety and Security extension (6923 or 6666). Please familiarize yourself with the locations of the emergency phones in the areas you travel on campus.

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 8/24/2015